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Some Email Tips for Users

The invention of email services has continues to dominate this century. All applications today require one to have an email for verification. The design of these services have been made to promote security of every user on the device as well as on the application. Before using the application you must prove you are the real owner. As much as email has become very familiar and commonly used service by millions of people every day, some people still have some challenges in using the application. You should take time to know how emails work. It is possible to enjoy using the app when you learn everything about it.

Information Gmail is a site operated by Google that offers users with information on FAQs and challenges which they face. It offers solutions to common faults. You should try the steps before contacting the support. One problem that is often experienced is the Sign into Gmail. Often, you may fail to access your account when you enter the wrong password, or you key in the wrong email addresses. In other instances, Google will generate a verification code using the mobile number you registered with.

Add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail is another category. Customizing your Gmail has been provided. You can modify how your inbox looks like by choosing good theme that gives the site a better look. The steps for importing new them is given. You can also check on how to modify the password. The option to rest password is somehow hidden, but you can find it under account setting. Choose security option.

When you have two or more Gmail accounts you can use them on the same device. It is easy toad new emails on the app. You can open several emails on one app. The initial email address remain as the primary email address and the others are also added. You will be getting all notifications form the app. You can modify the settings so that it is not confusing. You can use different tones and account names so that you can easily differentiate your accounts.

Change email notifications is important. When you have several emails on the same phone you can create different tones and ways of information. These tones ensure you do not forget to check on new emails. For less important emails, you can mute the notifications so that it does not disturb you.

Many people often panic when they cannot login into their accounts. There are several recoveries or login options that can be used if the primary method fails. You can sign into the account with options like the last password you remember, phone or recovery email. You can as well proceed and used the secret word for a question you choose when signing up for the email account. The information on using Gmail account is found on the support site which so accessible to all. You can ask for more assistance if the problem is not solved.

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