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If you have more questions or are writing a paper about the topic of celibacy, feel free to contact me in the comments below. I would be happy to share my findings with you.

I am my own lab rat but would welcome the opportunity to help others who are studying the topic. I first need to define what form my celibacy took and some history of my sexuality and general state of mind. For six years, I did not engage in intercourse nor did I masturbate with any regularity.

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It was like my sexual urges vanished altogether. I also did not engage in sexual fantasies.

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Occasionally, some libido would resurface and masturbation ensued, but for the most part, my libido retreated entirely.

The cause of my self-inflicted celibacy can be attributed to a nervous breakdown after a relationship with a sociopath. The thought of sex would create a black Fuck wife plis sensation in both my mouth and stomach.

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In my thirties, I classified myself as a sexual fantasy addict with some sex addict behaviors like frequently having sex with strangers and using sex as an addictive substance like alcohol. At the time I was also an alcoholic, and these addictions overlapped. fuck my wife please...

I disconnected my emotions from the sexual act and developed a terrible idea of what men were, based on my experiences. My sexual fantasies were much more than just fleeting thought scenarios. They were huge castles from highly cultivated lands.

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The main component of my fantasies was this: I am drawn to abject suffering and impossibility. I like to construct elaborate stories that explore this unquenchable longing, and my sexual highs get even higher when I get even a slight signal that my world might spill out into reality.

They do not last, for they are not designed to. My creative thinking abilities are intricately tied to my sexual fantasy obsessions. My obsessional nature has gotten me in Fuck wife plis lot of trouble and I never understood it until a few a years ago.

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My mind is like a monkey running around constantly. I never had a proper outlet for my ideas, my most intimate thoughts until very recently, when I started writing on this platform. For me personally, the benefits of celibacy certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

So, naturally, I recommend it as a short-term solution to solve some types of problems like lack of focus, addictions, purpose and mental resolve. Here are the positive benefits I noticed throughout my celibacy phase.

Here are the disadvantages in Fuck wife plis case:. One fantasy was brought on by seeing a young man, another was created by an innocent text interaction and another one is a longer term fantasy that is only intellectual in nature.

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Another reason I decided to end it is that I noticed I was eating too much. I prescribed myself masturbation therapy at least twice per day as well as making connections with real people. Dating is a possible solution, but not in the way I did in the past. This is the struggle for me.

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Also, I am starting to just feel better, healthier. This result has restored my perception of sex back to its original default setting: Join my newsletter here.

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