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Hot Latina News Anchors


Mayte Carranco stands with a slight bend in her knees, hands clasping what appears to be a remote control. She walks back and forth across the stage, gesturing to the screen behind her when the visuals change from rain to "Hot Latina News Anchors." Even at the end of her announcements, when she blows a quick kiss and wishes her Hot Latina News Anchors a good night, Carranco is cordial and succinct. However Carranco, like the dozens of other Mexican weather women, is hardly recognized for her efficient delivery of weather announcements.

Jackie Guerrido

Their bodies reflect Barbie Doll proportions. Yanet Garcia, the 25 year-old weather anchor for Televisa Monterrey, has various modeling contracts with different companies and boasts 1. Their Instagram accounts, which are almost all curated with Hot Latina News Anchors mix of selfies and photos of themselves with their families or on set, receive scores Hot Latina News Anchors hundreds of likes. Their enormously popular Twitter accounts pay tribute to their fans, often retweeting the flirty compliments from male followers.

On YouTube, their broadcasts get hits into the tens of millions. But while their big smiles, bouncy demeanors, and tiny yet voluptuous Hot Latina News Anchors have been a staple of media culture in Mexico for decades, this brand of Mexican weather women has recently come under attack.

Me sigue gustando todo lo referente al tiempo pero ya no como presentadora https: These weather women find themselves between a rock and a hard place; subjects to a machismo-driven culture that expects — even demands — the sexualization of women, but then turns around and shames these very women for being sexy, rather than pointing fingers at the patriarchal conditions that create this system. A post shared by Yanet Garcia iamyanetgarcia on Jan 6, at 9: Machismo is the driving force behind "Hot Latina News Anchors" media industry.

The sex appeal of Mexican weather Hot Latina News Anchors, and the monumental fandom they inspire is what maintains ratings. Moreover, sexy marketing is everywhere in Mexico. From the tianguis to shopping malls, mannequins stand clad in scanty clubwear, and images of women with giant breasts barely covered by bikini tops are plastered on billboards and restaurant posters all throughout the country.

As a man Who would...

These sexualized chicas del clima are just a mere fragment of the obsession Hot Latina News Anchors sex that has plagued the country for centuries.

The dangerous repercussions of having sexy women deliver important weather news extends beyond the gender equality battle. These women are subject to a machismo-driven culture that expects — even demands — the sexualization of women, but then turns around and shames these very women for being sexy.

Yet, historically speaking, when Hot Latina News Anchors anyone ever taken weather announcers seriously?

One of the greatest things...

Weathermen celebrities in the U. In their mini spectacles, which have turned them into household names, the actual weather information is usually presented Hot Latina News Anchors an afterthought. Roker and Cantore are beloved for their quirkiness. Their female Mexican counterparts are instead laughed at and lusted Hot Latina News Anchors, making it impossible for them to ever attain the status of Roker or Cantore.

Sujey Vega, assistant professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University. On both sides of the border, Mexican weather women are foremost seen as entertainers, their primary audience being men. Their sexualized brand is nothing different than what we see in telenovelas, bus advertisements, and commercials.

Culture Music Sports Film Food. Culture Music Film Sports Food. Subjects and Scapegoats of Pervasive Machismo. Yanet Garcia, the weather anchor for Televisa Monterrey. View this post on Instagram. Yanet Garcia Hot Latina News Anchors a Mexican weather woman for Televisa Monterrey and is blowing up all over the internet because of her booty. Critics of these sexy reporteras say their clothing choices and heavy makeup In the past year, a few Latina reporters have garnered criticism from American Fox News Latino blogger Mariela Dabbah, who also blogs "Hot Latina News Anchors."

A SEXY TV reporter had...

We present you with the list of 30 hottest female news anchors who definitely don' t get. Besides being extremely sexy, Kimberly is also one of the most Hot Latina News Anchors members of She has dual majors in Latin American studies and journalism.

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