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How To Maintain A Healthy Lawn During Spring Season.

The lawn maintenance is involving especially during the spring season. The is the most preferred season for caring for the lawn by taking the necessary action to increase growth and the health of your lawn. The following are tips that can be utilized when caring for the lawn. You need to rake your lawn to control the growth of thatch on your lawn. It assist in removing the layer of thatch that could have gathered on the lawn. Raking the lawn decreases the matted and grass that may be tangled on the grass blades. It is significant to rake the lawn during the spring despite having raked the lawn during the fall.

When your lawn experiences heavy traffic the soil becomes compact. The soil compaction has a lot of weight which compresses the soil and strangles the pores. Lack of critical nutrients in soil and water may cause its compaction. This leads to a stump to the grass root growth. Your lawn should have good airing during the fall. This will cut down the soil compaction. This needs to be carried out when one notices the presence of moss on the lawn. The presence of moss is a sign of soil acidity. The soil needs to be tested for acidity and sent to the laboratory for evaluation. If the soil is noted to have high acidity, then liming should be done on the lawn. The removal of soil acidity from the soil can be achieved by the use of calcium and magnesium-rich components.

You need to spray with herbicide if there is presence of weed on your lawn. The weed seedlings need to be eliminated when they are noted to be growing above the surface. The kind of weed growing dictates the kind of herbicides that need to be applied. The lawn mower should be tuned up every year. The lawn mower process of turning involves three easy steps that are changing the oil, the spark plug, and cleaning of the air filter. The process of turning up the lawn mower is easy, and everyone should know.

The lawn mowing expertise should be developed with more ideas. Lawn mowing can be done when the sun is not too high. You lawn need to be regularly maintained throughout the spring season. The level of grass should be maintained at a certain level especially two inches in the whole year.

Proper and regular lawn care will help your lawn stay free from insects, weeds, and diseases. The lawn needs to have a constant supply of water as well as fertilizer to give it essential nutrients. This will contribute to your lawn getting a thick, green, luscious grass that many will prefer to have Using the right fertilizer will give the required nutrients to the soil that will be absorbed by the plants enabling them to be rich and well.

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