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Wank club london


After all, even a bad orgasm with friends is still better than no orgasm, at home by yourself.


When I travel, I always make an effort to seek out the local jack club and see how they do things. I knew where I was headed from the overground stop by my flat, to the Northern Rail stop nearest the venue. But was still more than mildly inconvenient. Following a long but uneventful stroll through what google maps deemed to be the Canonbury section of London, I managed to show up at the door of East Bloc and hike myself down the stairs to meet the check in guy.

A departure from the Jacks to be sure, the foyer of the LJOC featured thumping, techno music that I would have been unsurprised to learn was only a single, 3.

I decided to do a lap to get my bearings and discover the full layout of this basement level space. A maze of large and small rooms connected by steps, slippery floors a hallmark of any semen-heavy eventand curtains, East Bloc probably works for a myriad of different parties and crowds. Over the course of our conversation, several other guys Wank club london up to us and one Wank club london those magical moments that only happens Wank club london jack off clubs transpired: I lost my first load to this group and regrouped from my orgasm to notice a small crowd of guys who had gathered to watch us playing.

My new bff and I talked about work what I do — escorting — what he does — marketing — and where the overlap between them was and soon had another group of new friends around us as he poppered up again and I did my best to lend a hand. The next hours are a bit of a blur of big and small uncut penises, smiles, conversations about everything under the sun, and a general warmth of camaraderie that all jack of parties strive to provide.

Lot of new friends came on me, got me to cum, and all of us left all Wank club london the Wank club london, catty bullshit that feels so connected to any other gay bar event, in our zip top plastic laundry bags. At the LJOC last night, the best time all evening was being jammed into a semen-stained, velour banquette area that was sealed off from the main bar by a heavy drape, and feeling myself pressed tight against absolute strangers on both sides.

As new guys entered the space, they were greeted and welcomed and made part of the pile of legs and arms and semen and smiles. Why MA1 deems this is only necessary to put on once per month and on a Monday night, of all days! Every man I spoke even a few words with last night excitedly exclaimed that they would come! What happens in jack off clubs is what so SO many men are doing already in locker rooms, saunas, watching sports with their friends, at bars, and a million other banal examples. To be socially embraced by your male peers without the confinement of labels or the body-shame that permeates stereotypical gay culture, is relevant and significant and helps men be better men.

If you DO have to play thumpy techno, make it fucking weird. Guys want this and will give you money for it. Guys want to connect here, and this is a great opportunity for branded cards or stationery that will be sure to make it out of the club and get a second viewing.

Header image is a Wank club london collage featuring the art of Joseph. To The Great Outdoors! Meehh… Really is so hard to say. But that seems high. There was some young lookin dudes there. As I said, it really seems to run the gamut. But at least try it. Ethnicity, body types etc?

Always imagine its really hung guys? It was a great night! The variety is seriously beyond compare, I think. It was a little white-heavy, but otherwise, all sorts of body types from pornstar-fit to dudes with big furry bellies.

How boring would that be if it was all just big monster dicks? Just all penises welcome sort of thing. Just bring what "Wank club london" got and be proud of it. Thank you for being there AND for this great write up! Hope to meet again before you leave London! So good to meet you buddy!

Oh right on bro! Great to meet you too! Thank you for being so kind and welcoming! I went to LJOC last week on the basis of reading your review and I loved every minute of it and Wank club london loved each of the three Wank club london I had there.

Whats whats the dress code?

It's been a turbulent few...

I think I missed my chance Wank club london advise you here, but I went full naked. The guys in underwear lose them eventually, so you might as well dive right in.

Buy tickets for London Jack...

As for your rings, I keep mine on. At one point I "Wank club london" stash my glans ring down the side of my sneaker though. Cause it was bugging me. I would love to chat to any man of any age about male orgasm — dunno how to Wank club london that in here. Socks provide a place to stash tickets and dosh. I carry a contact address in mine, as yet unasked for.

First time nudity found very comfortable. Older than most, still not felt outsider. Newcomers surprised to find Anything Goes area.

We meet at the famous...

Thanks for the write-up Tyler. More info here about this event than anywhere else on the net combined! Do they let you take your own supplies in of, say, lube and poppers, and if so how did people carry Wank club london around? Also, how crowded was it, were you bumping into people as you moved around? When you hand over your gear Wank club london it stored securely? Also did you just go in fully nude from the outset?

Am thinking of going, what would you advise to wear for a first timer? Went fully nude my first visit. Found both liberating and relaxing to be same as majority. I carry Wank club london wipes in sock for ready use though are in some spots there. I hope you made it and had a spectacular time.

Sex parties

Stationary — Not moving, standing still. Stationery — Envelopes, pens, paper etc.

Home of the MA1 Clubs,...

Consider it corrected, and thank you for the proofing. Point out anything else you see that needs fixing! Boy it's been a minute since we did a Monday Masturbators post. I figured since I'm Wank club london Sounds a great evening, what was the average age of most there? Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Vote Up 4 Vote Down. Wank club london Up 1 Vote Down.

Was great meeting you mate, hope to see you at my party this Sunday as well ;-p. The London Jack Off Club […]. Waldorf here is a pro. This blog has a TON of super adulty stuff in it.

No, I'm under We Wank club london at the famous Backstreet club in Mile End. We have a smokers terrace London Jack Off Club is the only “Jack-Off” (Wanking) club for men in the U.K. Central LONDON - Slim, 20 years old, white, straight - looking for mutual wank session with like-minded guys.

Must be young and slim/athletic. Pic = pic. Imagine the rules from Fight Club, now replace the word fight with wank.

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