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Writing a profile article


When Susan Ager, lifestyle columnist for the Detroit Free Presswas 10 years old, she was diagnosed with diabetes.

That experience has defined her life. She thought it would be too dangerous Writing a profile article decided never to have kids. Struggles help define a person, she said.

Profiles focus on an individual...

Struggle and change are inherently interesting. When writing a profile, think of yourself as the reader.

By creating a compelling story,...

Every life has a Writing a profile article, where the internal and external resumes are combined. Every life has a turning point or fork in the road. Every life has oddities, quirks and surprising details. Journalists can introduce readers to the people they are too busy to get to know themselves, she said. Good profiles have anecdotes that reveal how the person became who they are.

The subjects of profiles could be people who are on the brink of change, unusual people, people in the community others may have wondered about but never bothered to notice, such as someone who styles the hair of dead people.

So now she practices by talking to strangers on airplanes. Previously, Bill headed Poynter. Questions to ask yourself while preparing a profile: What kind of profile should I try to do?

A moment in time. A day in the life. Fifteen minutes of fame. Do readers understand why they should care about my subject? What do average readers want to know? Will I keep the interviews conversational? Will my questions be fresh, direct, specific? Will Writing a profile article ask about mundane details, as well as touchy, intimate matters?

Can I make time for two, three or more interviews, even Writing a profile article they are brief? Have I talked to others who understand my subject or might see my subject with different eyes?

How to Write a Profile...

Do I, by the end of my reporting, understand what motivates my subject, and will I make that clear to readers? Is my story plump with vivid, Writing a profile article details about how my subject works and lives?

Mastering the art of writing...

Will the reader want to recount those details to friends? Are the quotes spicy and telling? Writing a profile article I cut out all long, "Writing a profile article" and predictable quotes? Can the reader see my subject in a scene or two? Is it clear how my subject is different than others who do the same job or live the same life?

Is it also clear how my subject is the same as everyone else? Comments View the discussion thread. User account menu Register Log in Search. The personality profile is an article about an individual, and profiles are one of the staples of feature writing. No doubt you've read profiles in. By SUSAN AGERLifestyle Columnist, Detroit Free PressSynopsis by BINH HONG. Learn how to write memorable interviews or profiles with this simple step-by-step process, including practical tips from start to finish.

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