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How do u cope with a broken heart


I would gladly do bloody backspins before suffering heartbreak. The shitty thing is… we rarely get to choose. I was once skateboarding down a super-steep hill in San Francisco when my board started to shake from speed-wobbles. Since I was going faster than cars were driving, when I finally crashed I shoved my hands down just as I hit the pavement.

Instead, my hands stuck to the blacktop, I slid the length of numerous parked cars, and I sanded off all the skin from both hands. When I stopped sliding, my How do u cope with a broken heart were smoking. That hurt like a motherfucker. Took weeks before I could use my hands again.

But I learned a broken body eventually heals. Just like with my skinless smoking hands, I speak from experience.

Ours was a long distance relationship- an affectionate friendship. We had the internet to help us. I believed love conquers How do u cope with a broken heart. I offered to visit or move there to be with her. I have to accept my heart knows what it wants while hers is unsure. And now, I must find a way to move on. After many long nights, lots of cussing and trips to the beach to let waves wash over me and wipe away my sadness, I wrote out this list.

Remember they also miss out on the fullness of yours. And when you see it as their loss and not yours, it helps you maintain your confidence. But the one who walked away also misses out on something. Feel bad for them.

So how do you get...

If you can see it that way you keep your value and maintain your confidence. You may feel tempted to do How do u cope with a broken heart to change the outcome. But let me tell you, none of that shit will work. If you try, all you end up doing is looking desperate.

And no one likes desperate. Instead, of playing games, accept you have no control over other people, no control over situations, and the only thing you can control is… yourself. Which brings us to the best thing you can do. Be cool like Fonzi. You know how The Fonz never acted emotionally stupid? This will feel impossible. But if you remember 1 and 2, it gets easier with each passing day. The only danger is when you let those feelings linger too long.

Give yourself moments, days, maybe even weeks of sadness. Visit people who do care about you. Spend time with folks who bring you joy. Take up a new hobby. Find a new passion. If you have the time and money, travel. Especially, things that make you laugh. Treat comedy like medicine and when the blues pay you a visit, let laughter be your antidote.

Watch old favorites and seek out new funny films as well. The key is "How do u cope with a broken heart" to dwell on you, your past, or your lost future. Distract yourself with positivity. Laughter, like truth, will set you free.

Another key to fighting the temptation to dwell on how you feel is to stop beating yourself up. So let it go. Unless you have a time machine, all you can do is learn from the past. Yes, none of us knows what will happen in the future. Focus on right now. If for some reason they do come back, let it be a pleasant surprise.

In the meantime, live your life. You never know how others really feel. But you never know. Maybe driving home, a month from now, one of the people in that perfectly happy couple is killed by a drunk driver. And the How do u cope with a broken heart is left to mourn. There are far too many people in this world who will never be as brave as you were. So be proud you risked your heart.

How to Heal a Broken...

It took a team of screenwriters to get his character, Rick, to open his heart back up. Just be proud of yourself and keep trying. Love is worth a little pain along the way. Have faith in the great weirdness of life and trust your future will surprise you. Let the promise of that premise help you to move on. You still have to get out there and do things to find the love and happiness you deserve. But trust that you never know what tomorrow holds in its hands. The future will always surprise you.

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Finding Yourself After Him.

The next step is to...

Get our newsletter every Friday! Break-ups do a number on the self. It's like taking a tree branch and snapping it in two: the “me” that you were is no longer whole: It's splintered, painful, and in. I realize the most difficult task for a person with a broken heart is to stand still and feel the crack.

But that is exactly what she must do. Because. However, a broken heart feels like it'll never be whole again. Just like with my I wrote out this list. If How do u cope with a broken heart dealing with heartbreak, it should help you, too.

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