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What You Should Know About Drain Cleaning

Clearing of any blockage is essential in any building to ensure that all goes well.When drain cleaning has been done in any drain, the environment of the tenants is made healthy.However, there comes a time when the drain gets blocked due to various reasons. In cases where there are blockages in the drain, seeking services from an experienced plumber is the best option. A professional plumber has the capability of managing the waste produced facilitating the cleaning of the environment. Due to the negligence of people, blockage of the drain might happen many times.

At times, blocking may be caused by foreign objects which are too big to pass through the drainage. The huge objects that cause blockage of the drain are known to arise from the toilets. When hair accumulates in the drainage, it can also cause blockage. Other substances that cause blocking of the drain include the grease and fats. Cracking or bursting can be caused in places where drain cleaning is not considered. Another form of blockage can happen when leaves accumulate and take in water in the drain.

A hydrojetter is one of the items used in unblocking the drain. Plumbers mainly use it widely in the cleaning process. Water with a very high pressure is released from the hydrojetter to remove the blocking materials. This machine is usually fitted in the place where the blockage has occurred.The water which is under high pressure usually breaks the blockage into small particles. , Some nozzles are also incorporated in the machine. In cases where the water can’t reach, the spray of the nozzles can facilitate elimination of any blockage. A drain snake can also be used in the drain cleaning process. It can also be known as a drain auger. It is made up of a long flexible cord and wires that are pushed down the blockage area where the blockage has occurred. Consequently, a motor is used to turn the cord which breaks down the objects causing the blockage. In other times, you may only need the auger so as to remove the blocking materials. In some cases, the plumber will use a chord to remove the blocking materials present. Some other drain pipes that do not use the motor have also been invented.

For all the cleaning to be done efficiently, it is very important to know where the blockage is situated. It will enable the plumber to use the correct approach in the cleaning of the drain. For plumbers to establish where blocking could have happened, video inspection should be done. Video inspection makes use of the small cameras which are usually lowered down the pipe so that the plumber can view and give the appropriate solution.

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