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Arse ass bum butt naked


Discussion in ' English Only ' started by arugunuJul 14, Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. Is this a correct order "Arse ass bum butt naked" the words referring to one's back? Back is used usually to only refer to the part above the waist so is not offensive at all. These are all very mild 1 on a scale of Backside Rear Rump Buttocks a bit more formal, or "medical" sounding Bottom A "bit" more offensive 1.

Butt This is still mild, but less so than the first group. It's still appropriate in "casual" conversation, but I would use one of those listed above with my elderly grandmother. More Offensive in the Grand Scheme of things 3 out of 5: Ass You hear this on TV. You hear this in the movies. It is a crass word, and is considered vulgar by some, but much depends on the context in which it is used.

I personally think it is just an "ugly-sounding" word. We also have the word " asshole ," which is very crass 3.

I would caution not to use it in a professional or formal social environment, unless you know those people very, very well and feel comfortable using the word. It is often used to describe someone who is acting in an asinine or very rude "Arse ass bum butt naked." A simple "ass" would also fit Arse ass bum butt naked bill in this context, and is a bit less offensive.

I really don't know. GenJen54Jul 14, Belfast, Ireland English-Ireland top end. This reminds me, regrettably, of the old Flanders and Swann song - Pee po belly bum Arse ass bum butt naked. Let us not forget "anus" Add that to the list and you've got a full list! MoogeyJul 14, A90SixJul 15, In AE, fanny is backside, bottom, rear, nothing more. We also say "piece of ass," which is similar to the BE "arse" variant Arse ass bum butt naked. GenJen54Jul 15, Staying off topic with the rest of you lads and ladies, "piece of ass" can be a crude reference to a woman, and may also mean sexual intercourse.

Adding to the previous comments, the word fanny can also be refering to the vagina, without sounding too rude I guess it all depends on where you are. It seems like the Americans have a different word for everything, thus the different meanings of a single word.

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To say 'she was a fine piece of ass' refers to the fact that the woman was great in bed. Or it can just be literal, for example 'she's got a fine piece of ass', just meaning Arse ass bum butt naked woman has a nice buttock. I have never heard "back" used in reference to the first floor of the human building. One's back, whenever I have heard it spoken of, has always Arse ass bum butt naked the neck-to-waist area at the rear of the building.

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Going upwards we have — Ground floor: The back of the legs First floor: The 'rude' bit First floor Arse ass bum butt naked The lower back Second floor: The back Second floor mezzanine: The neck and shoulders Third floor: The back of the head. Wodehouse once described it as " sitting apparatus". I've noticed on TV Arse ass bum butt naked channels that American commercials for physical development apparatus seem very reluctant to use the word "bum" and substitute "bun" instead eg " This sounds very funny to a British listener, particularly when they use a British voice-over for our market!

Kenneth GarlandJul 15, The use of "bun" does not stem from a reluctance to use "bum" - one's "buns" are what one's buttocks are called in American English. That would be like an American saying that the British are 'reluctant' to use the bodily-referrant "trunk" to relate to a car and use the word "boot" instead.

Remember, even in the early part of the 20th century the Victorian era is Arse ass bum butt naked to be at least untilone would cover the legs of one's piano in order to avoid scandal. People's arms or legs were referred to as "limbs" to avoid evoking a scandalous image.

The truly prudent even used "bathing machines" to maintain modesty: Go to Wikipedia and type in "bathing machine" for more info.

I completely forgot about "buns. Even though the average american may not talk about his buns, when it comes to "working out" that's often the term used. Derby central England English - England.

KevmanJul 15, If anyone was covering their furniture in such a way that the legs were hidden, that was probably a side-effect of using the covering to hide the dirt beneath the tables and chairs in the days before vacuuming, and when servants were expensive to feed, clothe and house — and as I think that site noted, the hiding was done to hide the poor quality of some of the furniture.

As to the "human legs were not to be bared" - what harm in that? Is there any great benefit to people in exposing these parts?

Bear in mind that these people lived in poorly insulated homes, and although well-fed they had inadequate diets for health, and their clothing was for warmth as much as decorum. We're getting quite the impressive list here. Allow me to add "keester" and "hindquarters" as inoffensive possibilities.

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I'm sure there are more. Here are some for you I am sorry if I am repeating any back end, backside, behind, bottom, bum, derriere, fanny, fundament, gluteus maximus, haunches, hindquarters, posterior, rear, rump, seat, tush.

Poetic DeviceAug 1, PaulfromitalyAug 1, And there's humps like in Arse ass bum butt naked song my humps but I think it's not for just buttocks. Well, you used to be able to call someone a perfect ass and while it would be offensive in that it was derogatory, it wasn't offensive in a vulgar way.

Now, I guess, everyone will assume you mean something else entirely and in a vulgar way.

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Well, perhaps we can still use "jackass" if we really Arse ass bum butt naked it, or is that vulgar too? I've just been watching the film The Taking of Pelham in which Mr. Travolta plays a very foul-mouthed nutter who hijacks a subway train.

Anyway at one point he's yelling at someone or other in his customary foul-mouthed way and Just thought I'd mention it. Oh I could've sworn it was bum - Wil. Mind you, I am full of a cold at the moment so it's very possible I misheard. I think this is all a bit generational. A youngish female acquaintance of mine I'll be no more specific than that, to protect the guilty needed some help from her husband.

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I told her he was on the computer though not on WR, in case you were wondering and she replied, "He should get off his arse! Both arse and ass are in use in Ireland. When referring to a woman, ass is the word always used maybe under the influence of American TV. Were arse to be used here except as a jokeit would sound very Arse ass bum butt naked. On the other hand, phrases like ''he should get off his arse'', ''I can't be arsed'' etc.

Note that arse is mostly used in more ''vulgar'' for lack of a better word contexts. Pedro y La TorreMar 14, To me BE, female, older than Soundshift, arse is acceptable either alone or in expressions such as "he fell arse over tit". I have no problems with bum either. Fanny sounds unacceptably American to me. Ass to me is the name of an animal, and I use it as such. I understand the AE usage but I would not use it.

I've been minorly shocked of late to hear myself using the word butt without any trace of self-consciousness. Romagna, Italy AE - hillbilly. This thread seems to be the one where the most synonyms are supplied, so I'll ask my question here.

I'm working on a guided relaxation tape a translation from Italianand need an easily understood term understood on both "Arse ass bum butt naked" of the pond that also sounds relaxing as well as being polite.

I don't people interrupting their relaxation, trying to understood a term or laughing at the word used.

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Anatomically, the correct term seems to be "gluteous muscle" which is closer to the original Italian termbut I don't know how many people listening to the tape with their eyes closed would understand the term, as they're guided to focus their attention on all parts of their body, and relax them. Bottom and rear end certainly more acceptable than butt, bum, ass or arse simply don't sound formal enough, for a relaxation tape to connected to an international on-line seminar.

Ass (originally a dialectal variant of arse) is considered vulgar in North ass ( North America), backside, behind, bottom, bum (North America), butt (North. The buttocks (singular: buttock) are two rounded portions of the anatomy, located on the. Arse ass bum butt naked the cover, her nude buttocks are featured above the caption: "Break the Internet", which generated considerable Arse or "Arse ass bum butt naked," arsehole or asshole, and (butt-)hole: a pars pro toto (strictly only the actual body cavity and directly.

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