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Hot alabama women


Alabamians have taken their fair share of insults from the rest of the U.

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According to a Hot alabama women conducted by Business Insider, the rest of the U. There are plenty of Alabamians who are undeniably easy on the eye, and we've compiled photos of 21 of them to prove that point. Who did we leave off? Leave a comment below and let us know who your favorite attractive Alabamian is, famous or not. I'm 83 years Hot alabama women age, have driven my car a lot in all 50 of our states, and have worked and lived in 10 of them, scattered from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

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In addition I spent time in the Army, exposing me to Hot alabama women good cross-section of people from all across the land. My observations from this long experience with a vast number of people has been that by and large there is little difference in people from one state to the other, and that there would be roughly the same percentage of whatever category one might choose - good or bad.

I feel Hot alabama women people form both good and bad opinions about one or maybe a few individuals they're known about from a particular state, and conclude they're representative of an entire state or region.

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This isn't the way it Hot alabama women I've seen some of the most beautiful women here in Huntsville. Our food is good, it just ain't good for you in some cases. I think this is the best Hot alabama women I've heard all year. Now, maybe the outsiders will stay away. We like us the way we are. Southern women are by far the prettiest in the states. Apparently these folks haven't been up north.

The Alabama Crimson Tide had...

No need to be defensive. This Hot alabama women an opportunity if our state leaders will Hot alabama women take it. Run a marketing campaign focused on the many Alabamians who have contributed to science, music, sports, civil rights, etc.

I think we also rate as 1 in the category of State most likely to not give a crap about what other people think.

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I'm a yankee transplant from Ohio and I disagree. I have been around a little and as far as women, Alabama has some of the most beautiful in the world. As far as intelligence well, we not Hot alabama women the smartest but we are far from the dumbest. I grew up in Alabama, I truly believe that Alabamians Hot alabama women the most caring people who would give you the shirt off there back if needed, in my eyes that's beautiful!!!

The numerous Miss Americas from both Alabama and Mississippi should prove otherwise.

The Alabama Crimson Tide had...

Shows what they know I think we have lots of beautiful people in Alabama. Just remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Alabamians know what's right! They obvi didn't poll Brent Musburger RT aldotcom: Alabamians are the ugliest Americans, according to a poll.

After deciding that Alabama was too hot, Hot alabama women and Scott Hot alabama women north to Minnesota to be near Scott's friends and family. Born on October 26,their daughter. It's the middle of summer, it's boiling hot, and all we want to do is walk Well, according to one Hot alabama women mall in Alabama, dressing for the. The Alabama Crimson Tide have the FINEST female fans in all of college football (and sports in general), bar none.