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Rubber slut story


This is my first erotic story. Judging from the typical content on this website it will be rather extreme for most readers. The character of Bianca has obviously been inspired by the most beautiful fetish model of my lifetime. Rubber slut story the other events and details simply represent my ultimate fantasy Rubber slut story I was in fact so lucky to actually be Bianca, or her new Mistress. Please feel free to criticize my work, as I am certainly not the most skilled writer in the world.

Chapter 2 gives some background on Mistress and recounts her capture of Dolly. Chapter 3 Rubber slut story back to the present where Chapter 1 left off, going into Mistress's detailed preparation of Dolly for her next training. Chapter 1 has also been updated to cleanup grammar, poor sentences, and eliminate redundant vocabulary.

I also tried to better streamline the descriptions of Bianca's chastity piercings so they are easier to visualize. Lastly, I went into a slightly more depth concerning Bianca's reaction to the sex training gas and her overall predicament.

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Thanks again for reading!! Chapter 1 Bianca awoke to the dull hissing sound of white Rubber slut story in her ears. She was alone in a small 12' x 12' x 12' room.

Read the smoking rubber slut...

All four walls and the floor were completely padded with heavy white rubber. All the seams were fully stitched and reinforced. The outline of a single door to the room was barely discernible, but there was no handle inside the room. The locked door had a small observation window made of one-way mirror glass to the inside of Rubber slut story rubber room.

The entire ceiling surface was also made of one-way mirror Rubber slut story, allowing Bianca to be observed and recorded at all times from high above. Air ventilation, temperature, and light to the "Rubber slut story" were all regulated through tiny openings placed high up on the Rubber slut story walls, just under the mirrored ceiling. Bianca was indeed being carefully observed by her kidnapper as she slowly regained Rubber slut story from a very long and unexpected nap.

In her old life Bianca was a famous fetish model from Montreal, Quebec. Her thick French Canadian accent was angelic and mesmerizing. She was the ultimate sexual fantasy for any man or "Rubber slut story" who laid eyes on her. She had bright hazel eyes, and long flowing brown hair that came down to the small of her back. Bianca's hair was arguably her most Rubber slut story asset, as most women would kill to have hair so thick and beautiful. It was often styled and colored differently as needed for particular photo shoots.

Likewise for her eyes, contact lenses were often worn to change them into different colors. Bianca's face was so naturally gorgeous that she was easily transformed with just a little makeup into dozens of different exotic looks, each as equally stunning as he other. Her lush full lips were usually glistening with bright colorful lipstick to Rubber slut story her hair, makeup, and sexy fetish outfits.

Bianca's favorite clothing was always made of shiny smooth latex. There was something about the look, texture and smell of the rubber that made her feel like the sexiest woman on Earth. Nobody who saw Bianca clad head-to-toe in skintight latex could honestly disagree. Bianca was proud of her 5'-2" tall, pound body, because she worked extremely hard to keep it in tremendous shape.

She possessed an amazing hourglass figure shaped Rubber slut story Jessica Rabbit, with flawless delicate fair skin. Her tiny 25" waist and washboard abs accentuated her voluptuous 35" hips. With heavy corset training Bianca's waist could be reduced to Rubber slut story incredible 20"!

Her sculpted ass cheeks had the perfect balance of firm muscle tone with just the slightest touch of jiggling baby fat. Her prized ass was an impossible heart-shaped trophy adorning the top of Rubber slut story long athletic legs and thick muscular thighs. Bianca's enormous 32" FF breasts had a perky teardrop shape even when she was not Rubber slut story a bra. She had large puffy pink areolas that were over 3" wide, and thick pink nipples that stood over 1" long when aroused.

Her breasts were extremely sensitive, so much so that her erect nipples were often clearly visible through multiple layers of clothing. Bianca's Rubber slut story were just as often soaked with her pussy juice due to her highly sensitive gigantic tits. Bianca's pussy was nearly virgin tight. By her current age of 36 she had only had sex or even masturbated less than a dozen times in her entire life. She had never even considered anal sex as she believed it was too dirty.

Bianca learned at a very young age that her immense sexual energy was instrumental in enduring the harder and longer exercise workouts that kept her body in such impressive shape.

Her continued abstinence also gave her boundless mental energy to deal with long grueling days of shooting, traveling around the world, and other people in general. Bianca was so strict in denying herself sexual gratification that she often fantasized about implementing long-term chastity to her starving vagina to simply make life easier. This was a shame, because Bianca's pussy was truly a sight to behold.

She had perfect thick pink lips and an amazingly sensitive clitoris that grew to nearly 2" long when erect, Rubber slut story a tiny female cock. Not only was her vagina a pristine work of art, but it also squirted loads of her sweet cum when it was finally allowed release. Bianca's pussy was usually dripping wet and just begging to be fucked long and hard. Now trapped in the white rubber room, Bianca was completely naked except for her hands, feet, mouth Rubber slut story ears.

She quickly realized that the constant white noise was coming from perfectly molded rubber ear pieces that were Rubber slut story and sealed with strong adhesive. Any noise from her environment that was already being reduced by the ear piece itself was completely drowned out by the white noise being transmitted to the device.

The sound was not painfully loud, but it was certainly enough to train Bianca that she would now only hear what she was allowed to hear and nothing else. Bianca instinctively reached up to "Rubber slut story" the ear pieces, only to discover that both her hands had been bound into smooth shiny black rubber stumps.

Rubber slut story rolls of electrical tape had been tightly stretched and wrapped around each of Bianca's hands, binding them into useless fists. The black rubber tape continued wrapping up her delicate wrists and long slender forearms to just below her elbows. The wrapping was extremely tight, leaving no exposed skin, only perfectly smooth shiny black latex.

She could feel a soft foam ball between her clenched fingers, allowing her to squeeze slightly and keep blood circulating to her tightly bound hands. When Bianca tried to remove the ear pieces all she could manage to do was tap herself on her ears with her rubber fist stumps. The white noise continued. A giant 2" red rubber ball gag was wedged deep between her teeth, forcing her jaw open wide. Her lush pouting pink lips wrapped about halfway around the ball, then were sealed directly to the front side surface Rubber slut story the ball with the same powerful adhesive that held her ear pieces in place.

Her new ball gag was specially designed to train Bianca to savor the feeling and taste of Rubber slut story rubber stuffing her mouth. It was made of medical grade silicone, which is Rubber slut story dense and cannot be easily bitten down on and compressed like cheaper soft foam rubber. From the back side of the ball gag extended a 3" long thick "Rubber slut story" cock.

The giant penis head tickled the back of Bianca's slender throat. She stretched her tongue back as far as possible and licked the Rubber slut story of Rubber slut story massive invader. Bianca desperately tried to bite down on the red rubber cock and ball gag, but her teeth only barely squeezed the hard silicone material in the tiniest fraction.

She jerked her head violently side-to-side attempting to expel Rubber slut story giant member from her mouth, but her lips were securely glued to the outside of the ball. Bianca angrily flailed her shiny rubber stumped fists around like "Rubber slut story" little girl throwing a temper tantrum.

She frantically tried to claw the monster from her mouth with her hands, but her useless bound fists only thumped herself in her pretty face. Even if her hands were free, the superglue holding Bianca's tender pink lips to the red rubber ball needed a special solvent to break the strong chemical bond.

Training a rubber slut

Throwing her head back in frustration, Bianca suddenly noticed her reflection in the mirror ceiling above. To her utter horror she realized that she was completely bald! All her beautiful long flowing brown hair had been Rubber slut story perfectly clean with a razor. Along with this, her eyebrows, her pubic hair, and any other body hair no matter how fine was removed.

Not only was all her hair removed, but a powerful salve was applied over her head, pussy and ass, and entire body to prevent any future hair growth for many months. Her already beautiful skin was now as smooth as the finest silk. The only hairs that Rubber slut story left on her entire body were her long thick sexy eyelashes. Bianca now batted these eyelashes as she frenetically blinked her wide eyes in a state of panic. As the gravity of Bianca's hairless head and overall Rubber slut story bondage was Rubber slut story to sink in, something even more startling caught her eye in the mirror.

Both her breasts and pussy had shiny new piercings!!

Disclaimer: This is my first...

Each of Bianca's breasts now had 6 thick platinum rods piercing the full 3" width of her pink areolas, crossing beneath her delicate skin. As a result of these piercings, 12 thick platinum bulbs now perfectly encircled each areola at 1: Each of the 12 bulbs was then attached to another thin platinum rod that angled and extended away from her chest, forming a 4" long cone-shaped metal cage at the tip "Rubber slut story" each breast.

Each of Bianca's nipples was pierced with a small platinum ring that was then locked to the inside tip of each cone cage, uncomfortably stretching her sensitive nipples away from Rubber slut story chest by more than 3". An ultra-thin clear polycarbonate sheet was then wrapped tightly around the platinum rods that framed each nipple cone cage. This prevented any access to Bianca's straining nipples, although they were still clearly visible inside their metal cones.

The bulletproof plastic sheet was heat-welded to itself all along the outside seams, creating an unbreakable smooth clear plastic shell around each nipple cage. Finally, the outside tip of each nipple cone was attached to a larger 2" platinum ring that would be used in the future for more heavy-duty breast bondage as required. Rubber slut story only thing currently locked to each ring was a small shiny jingle bell to decorate her expensive new jewelry.

Although she could not hear them, Bianca's sexy nipple bells had been ringing Rubber slut story rigorously during her recent rubber bondage awakening. Unbeknownst to Bianca, and prior to receiving her new pussy piercings, 3 large 2" stainless steel Ben Wa balls were inserted in her tight vagina. A remote signal could be Rubber slut story to the balls in order to make them intensely vibrate on command.

To secure her pussy lips, a series of 10 small platinum rings pierced each side of her vaginal opening, for a total of 20 special rings. A narrow U-shaped thick platinum bar was then fed top-to-bottom through all 10 pussy rings on both sides, then locked at the bottom into a small heart-shaped platinum padlock that dangled between Bianca's thighs.

Comment: girl turned into Rubber dog amp and permanent rubber skin The story of a High School Rubber slut story slowly turned into a bimbo sex slave slut.). I feel I must record my story while I can, before whatever is happening to As I slowly smoothed Rubber slut story rubber up my Rubber slut story, I could feel the latex warming up, “You horny bitch you want to be fucked really bad, don't you slut?”.

Entering Rubber Society 1: The Assignment Entering Rubber Society 2: The Atelier Sutcliffe Entering Rubber Society 3: The Fitting Entering Rubber Society 4: .

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Making The World's First Male Sex Doll: Slutever

  • I think Spielberg made hash of what could have been a much better story A.
  • Read the smoking rubber slut lodger - Free Sex Story on I'm now a prisoner...
  • A special set of pussy panties, made from very thick rubber, in skin tone. He was like a complete rubber...


  • Name: Dionne
  • Age: 25
  • Heigh: 5'.6"
  • Weight: 50 kg.
  • Drinker: Light drinker
  • Sex position: Glory hole (sexual slang)

  • Sex "toys": Vibrator

  • Music: "The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby"

  • Films (about sex): Going Places (1974 film)

About ME: So i come on here to find some freaks ,but hopefully not actual freaks! And night! all i think about is sex and giving blowjobs sucking your dick until you explode!!! I like it rough (the harder, the better). I'm looking to obey all yours orders

Is he just a friend? A special set of pussy panties, made from very thick rubber, in skin tone. He was like a complete rubber slut now, wishing there was someone to fuck her like . Lick it up, you nasty little slut she'd order me, and God help me, I would, . Thankfully, she took pity on me and guided me around the story..

Rubber slut story The spider sex position Adult xxx dating This is my first erotic story. Asian girls in skirts I was now dragged out of the car by one of the masked voyeurs, his thick... GIVE ME A GOOD FUCK 414 WWW MEETANDFUCK 51 Rubber slut story 217 Seducing An Older Woman Gromet's Plaza Latex Stories. He couldn't believe his dumb luck being scheduled to work on...

John has always been a submissive and otherwise unattractive man. In his modern 40's and still singled-out, his family has every worried about him.

Hapless, in an average appointment, living in a minor apartment he rents, he seemed to spend lots of his time on his own. And throw up his money in ways oblivious to them. What nobody else knew, is that John led a secret life as a sissy slave to dommes around the world, and often traveled to shell out time under service and forced feminization.

But John was never fully appealsed with the results. It always seemed to him that he wanted more and more each fix. And a while ago, his sissy friends introduced him to the inconceivable world of heavy rubber. He had just returned from his vacations in Switzerland, where he all in weeks under the benefit of the most pitiless rubber dommes he has ever served, and is actually sad that cannot be every day of his life.

If exclusively he could find a way of making those weekends last forever.

  • This story is a spin-off from the Rubber Sissy Panties series, and will run as a parallel plot line, until maybe merging both into one. Chapter 1: Sissy Doll Fifi.
  • Basic Training The Medic Class 2:
  • Entering Rubber Society 1: The Assignment Entering Rubber Society 2: The Atelier Sutcliffe Entering Rubber Society 3: The Fitting Entering Rubber Society 4: . I feel I must record my story while I can, before whatever is happening to As I slowly smoothed the rubber up my legs, I could feel the latex warming up, “You horny bitch you want to be fucked really bad, don't you slut?”.
  • Comment: girl turned into Rubber dog amp and permanent rubber skin The story of a High School cheerleader slowly turned into a bimbo sex slave slut.). Disclaimer: This is my first time writing a story. Prologue This is the story of how became Master's rubber slut. My name was once Jake Delarentez. Now I no.
  • Lick it up, you nasty little slut she'd order me, and God help me, I would, . Thankfully, she took pity on me and guided me around the story.

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