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Kevin and Kell is a furry comedy webcomic strip by syndicated cartoonist Bill Holbrook.

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The strip began on September 3, The strip centers on the mixed marriage between a rabbit, Kevin and a grey wolfKell Dewclaw. In their society, their major difference is their diet: Kevin is a herbivore and Kell is a carnivore. Their family includes three children: Kevin and Kell receives over three million page views per month and is published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Kevin and Kell takes place in a town known as Domain, populated entirely by animals.

The comic describes the world they live in as created by an organization of birds, commonly referred to by "Comic kell kevin strip" of the strip as the "Great Bird Conspiracy" GBC. Birds were the next species after humans to reach sapience.

After humans left the planet, the birds traveled back in time to create a world without humans, and gave intelligence to fauna. However, their plan failed to remove the predator-prey relationship and as a result, the world created is similar to that of twenty-first century Earth, but with a greater likelihood of a violent death. The society in Kevin and Kell rather than identifying people by race or social class has class distinctions based on diet such as "carnivores", "herbivores", and "insectivores".

Humans exist in an alternate Domain, and are referred to as creatures with no natural defenses. Most believe that they are Comic kell kevin strip creatures; but a few, including the Dewclaws, know that they exist. This was developed further in by the introduction of the character Danielle, a Comic kell kevin strip who enters the animal world via the Bermuda Triangle and transforms into a rabbit.

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The series features jokes on a variety of topics. Many draw satirical parallels between its world and ours, Comic kell kevin strip fun and sometimes social commentary on politics, sports, society, class-snobbery, school, technology, pop culture and corporate culture, for example; in January the Predator's Comic kell kevin strip was described as going on strike, in a parody of the —08 Writers Guild of America strike.

The strip's main characters are the Dewclaws, a blended family as a result of an interspecies marriage. The comic's primary characters are Kevin Dewclaw, a rabbit, and his wife Kell Dewclaw, a wolf. They met in a web forum for carnivores, where Kevin was "lurking". The relationship they developed online leads them to continue dating and eventually marry, despite knowing that they would be outcasts from the rest of society. Originally, Kevin worked as a system operator on a herbivore web forum, [16] although he later became the co-owner of his own internet service providerHare-Link.

Her job is to Comic kell kevin strip down other animals. Originally she hunted down her own prey — any prey not eaten by her is later sold in grocery stores as " processed meat " — but she later became an executive and then CEO of the company [18]taking over from her old boss R.

Kell was eventually be pushed out of her executive position in a bloodless coup by R. The couple has three children. The eldest is Lindesfarne Dewclaw, an English hedgehog daughter Kevin adopted during his first marriage. Rudy, a talented artist, once challenged Kevin for the position of alpha maleunable to accept a rabbit as head of the household and as his stepfather.

The youngest child is Coney, a carnivorous rabbit and their only child Comic kell kevin strip birth. Although only five years old, she is a capable hunter, though Kevin's mother, Dorothy, keeps trying to make her into an herbivore, [22] as well having an artistic streak like her half-brother.

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Other regular characters include Fenton Fuscus, a bat who went to high school and university with Lindesfarne, to whom he is now married and have a hedgehog-bat hybrid daughter, Turvy; Fiona Fennec, a half- redhalf- Fennec Comic kell kevin strip vixen who is Rudy's girlfriend; George Fennec, Fiona's father who is married to Danielle, a sister of Kevin, and have a human son, Francis the first of its kind in this world since Danielle herself was human once; and Ralph Dewclaw, Kell's brother who was originally hostile to Kevin, but now accepts the rabbit as family after several unsuccessful hunting attempts.

It lives with the Dewclaws as a pet, having the same intelligence as a dog or cat in our world. Kevin and Kell was one of the first comic strips to be syndicated online, although older webcomics exist. For example, Argon Zark! T Campbell wrote that Holbrook brought "an air of legitimacy and professionalism that many web cartoonists lacked then and still lack now.

The strip Comic kell kevin strip in black and white, changing to a color-scheme on June 23, In an online poll, the strip was voted as the favorite of readers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Holbrook currently writes two other strips; On the Fastrack and Safe Havens. Next week I'll write for Safe Havens while drawing the Fastrack batch. And on it goes… On a typical day I'll begin by writing four gags by 2: At night, after everyone goes to bed, I'll write two gags.

Kevin and Kell has become more than just a webcomic. It has branched out into three other popular social network mediums a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter channelwith several of its characters ostensibly participating:.

Since FebruaryLindesfarne has had Comic kell kevin strip own blog titled "Virtual Quill". Originally, she was posting it as a sort of private journal, using the interdimensional portal to make sure that if it were ever seen by others, it would only be seen by humans from her native dimension namely, our worldnot the dimension she's called home for the vast majority Comic kell kevin strip her life.

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She would post generally once a week, talking about the various events in her life and those of her friends and family, providing additional information and insights into what was shown on the strip.

But beginning on Sunday, July 27,she activated a "portal receiver" that enabled her to, for the first time, read the comments on her blog, and post comments back to the readers. As with any other prolonged contact with humans, instinct loss soon sets in, so Lindesfarne must of necessity limit her participation to only one day per week usually on Sundays. There has even been participation from characters in other strips set in other dimensions that have had crossovers with Comic kell kevin strip and Kell.

The blog has since moved from being hosted on the webcomic's servers to Tumblr. Shortly after Lindesfarne had discovered her true origin as a human, Rudy's former schoolteacher Catherine Aura a turkey buzzard and her young son Nigel used an interdimensional portal Comic kell kevin strip travel to "our" world permanently, taking both Lindesfarne's and Danielle's places there to restore the balance and cure the global instinct loss crisis that would otherwise have forced both of them to return to the world of humans permanently.

Since the portal transforms travelers into a sapient species Comic kell kevin strip in the destination world which is how Lindesfarne became a hedgehog and Danielle a rabbit, though both were born humans in "our" world and had counterparts of those other species in the Kevin and Kell worldtravelers from that world usually transform into humans, but Catherine and her son transformed into dolphins instead indicating that dolphins are, in fact, sapient, and perhaps more so than humans.

That was the last time they were seen in the webcomic strip. However, the adventures of Catherine and Nigel are available via Catherine's Twitter channel. She posts updates about what she and Nigel are doing, which include covertly monitoring the activities of a certain human code-named "Subject A" who appears to be psychically connected to the world of Kevin and Kell as well as of another mostly human world Comic kell kevin strip which the King Features -syndicated comic strips On the Fastrack and Safe Havens are set.

She and Nigel are having other adventures as well, including finally transforming into humans to better monitor events in our society. Comic kell kevin strip has married a human sea captain, and now has a daughter, Ursala, who is a bear-like human child. Recently, she has been dealing with a conspiracy by rogue birds who wish to seize the portal by violence, and to re-establish bird control over the "Kevin and Kell" world.

Since February 12,Rudy Dewclaw has had his own Facebook page, usually consisting of witty comments and links to Comic kell kevin strip daily strips and other "Comic kell kevin strip" from the Kevin and Kell website. Since its creation, Kevin and Kell been mainly been given positive reviews, although there has also been some criticism.

However, he criticizes its suburban nature, saying: No one has any aspirations besides a computer-related job and a quiet heterosexual romance. There Comic kell kevin strip to be no cities, no foreign nations, Comic kell kevin strip art, no teenage sex. Brandon Sanderson 's review in The Official Time Waster's Guide cites the comic's world design, longevity and a discomforting setting where intelligent animals are killed as strengths.

However, Comic kell kevin strip also complained that Holbrook Comic kell kevin strip not enforce this aspect in the main characters, saying, "While Kell, Rudy, and others make kills every day, none of the main character herbivores ever really have to worry about being stalked and killed.

When they are threatened such as when Lindesfarne is stalked "Comic kell kevin strip" some cougars near the beginning of the comic's run[42] the enemy predators are presented as dark, evil things to be defeated.

During a review in webcomic podcast Digital Stripscommentator Daku describes Kevin and Kell as "one of the few anthropomorphic strips that I actually like," saying that "this is as if Comic kell kevin strip had a society.

Kevin and Kell and Holbrook are both popular within the furry fandom. Holbrook was first contacted by the fandom in latesoon after the strip was published.

He attended his first furry conventionConFurencein January Holbrook holds an annual " Kevin and Kell patron social" at Anthrocon for people who sponsor the strip. There are 22 books containing collections of Kevin and Kell strips, including bonus strips. They are currently published by Holbrook's own publishing label Pencil Rough Productions, Comic kell kevin strip with older books originally published by Plan 9 Publishing. The app also contains additional features and content including video, cast descriptions, and hidden surprise "easter eggs.

According to Write 2 Now's December newsletter, Holbrook and Phil Rogers are working to get the strip made into an animated cartoon series, with a pitch to cable executives, but as of Comic kell kevin strip writing no deal has been made.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on November 17, Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards. Archived from the original on April 21, There are support groups for everything. Archived from the original on October 15, Rudy Comic kell kevin strip running away from civilization".

Archived from the original on June 13, The grocery stores are different". The GBC is in charge". Archived from the original on February 7, Archived from the original on February 6, Event occurs at 8.

Archived from the original mp3 on July 10, Archived from the original on April 19, Archived from the original on October 13, Webcomics, the Internet's answer to the funny pages".

Archived from the original on April 28, Archived from the original on September 5, Archived from the original on January 10, One good example of this is sites associated with specific comic strips, such as Kevin & Kell, by Bill Holbrook.

On Comic kell kevin strip site, the home page always features the. Alan Moore is, for my money, a better comics writer than Neil Gaiman. Kevin Dewclaw is a rabbit-- a bulky six-foot rabbit-- and Kell is a wolf. Kevin is a sysadmin (half the strip's jokes are computer-related; the other half are animal- related). At first, he tried to get the publishers of his other strips to publish Kevin & Kell, but The average furry regards it as a sad wannabe Sunday comic strip that lacks.

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