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A Basic Guide in Misting or Fogging System Installation

A misting system installation is not entirely difficult as long as you have all the needed parts and the basic tools like wrenches and screwdrivers everything will go as planned.

It would be best if you are able to properly assess the parts before starting any work, you have to make sure that all parts are there and that there are no existing damage in those parts. Take a hard look with the manual and the ways by which all parts must be installed, this way you can expect the installation process to be smooth sailing. There are three things that you must consider when it comes to fogging system installation, first is the pumping unit; it should be put together in a proper manner then a good power source and the water of course.

You must also be cognizant with the place where you intend to put the fogging system unit so that it will not get damaged easily. The primary consideration of the place where you must put it is the power and the water source; this should be place near those two so that it can function.

Once the mainline is attached to the unit already, you have to start the next step of the installation. There are some that uses a flex hose and stainless steel for the mainline (this is the line that connects the misting unit to the area by which the nozzle line will be placed) If there is an involvement of stainless steel suspension cables for the nozzle line installation then it should be suspended on both ends of the pace you intended to be misted. At the end of one side, there must be a turnbuckle so that you are able to control the tightness of the cable more so for every 10 feet there must be a support cable that is installed so that everything will be leveled.

When it comes to the installation of ball valves, this must be done carefully on the suspended cables or on the hard surface. The next thing that must be done is the installation of the misting lines. If you intend to use a misting system that is made from stainless steel then you must utilize a nozzle line that is 20 feet long.

For those that is using 20 feet long lines brass fittings are usually used. For fogging systems that make use of brass fittings, rubber “O” rings are usually included in its parts. The “O” rings are placed on both sides so that the system is less penetrable by water. You must not over tighten the union so that the “O” ring will not break and enter the system. It is also vital to install a drain valve at the end of each nozzle line. Those are pretty much an overview of what misting and fogging installation is all about should you wish to know more you can just search for more info online.

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