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Birthday blowjob from wifes friend


This is a true story. If you choose to believe it, fine; if not, that's fine, too. All details are accurate as far as I can remember them, though names may have been changed to protect identities. You caught me off guard. After work, I guess; between six and six-thirty. Though we're very close friendship-wise, we're not very close distance-wise. We became friends around ten years before when we both lived in the same city and worked for the same company, but life circumstances being what they are over the years, we now live about three hours apart.

Fortunately, three hours is not that far, and we still see each other at least once a Birthday blowjob from wifes friend and thus it has not been enough to spoil our friendship.

Robin's going to cook dinner for you and she wanted me to find out what time you'll be here. Dinner and hanging around for the weekend is more than enough. We have to get you something. Now tell us what you'd like. Give us "Birthday blowjob from wifes friend" couple of options, so it will be a surprise.

Well, except for a blowjob, Birthday blowjob from wifes friend. I could always use that," I said in jest, knowing that neither Birthday blowjob from wifes friend or Robin would be offended, or take me seriously, for that matter.

To say Robin was a flirt would be putting it mildly, and during the almost ten years the three of us had been friends, her flirting and Matt and I teasing and egging her on was the rule rather than the exception.

It had never meant anything and as far as any Birthday blowjob from wifes friend us knew at the time, never would mean anything. That's not to say I never fantasized; Robin is a tall, hard-bodied woman with long, oh-so-shapely legs which, after the pussy, are my favorite features on a woman and naturally red hair, almost orange hair. I still consider her the second sexiest woman Birthday blowjob from wifes friend know, second only to my own beautiful wife.

Considering that at the time I was on a "losing streak" of sorts, having no girlfriend and no sex for at least a year, Robin was the basis for many a masturbation fantasy. Whether she knew or suspected that, I don't know, but she never did anything that would even remotely discourage such fantasies.

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She knew I liked her legs and being the flirt that she was frequently dressed in a way that highlighted her legs. I suppose the only reason I never tried to make a move is because Matt was and is probably my best friend and Robin is in the top five. No pussy is worth a guy's best friend. I could almost hear her grin over the phone.

If anything changes, "Birthday blowjob from wifes friend" let you know. I'll have dinner ready about seven in case you get held up by traffic. The rest of the week was busy with work, leaving me little time to think about my birthday or my friends.

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Whatever it was they were planning for me I would find out soon enough. Dwelling on it Birthday blowjob from wifes friend only make the days seem longer.

Birthday blowjob from wifes friend Friday arrived, I showered, threw a few things in the trunk of my car, and headed off to work. I worked through lunch, grabbing a quick bite at my desk, explaining that I was leaving early to get on the road as soon as possible.

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I got to my Birthday blowjob from wifes friend apartment a few minutes after six. Matt and Robin both greeted me and Matt ushered me off to the living room.

Robin does not like company in the kitchen while she's cooking, so Matt and I spent the time relaxing and chatting until dinner was ready an hour later.

I turned around to walk to the table and nearly tripped over my jaw. Robin was standing facing away from me, on the side of the table closer to me, bent over, setting plates on the table.

Bent over as she was, the bottom of her skirt just barely covered her ass, hanging perhaps a half an inch below the crease Birthday blowjob from wifes friend her ass met her legs. Below that, her gorgeous, long legs trailed down, ending with her feet in a pair of strappy sandals. It was not what she was wearing Birthday blowjob from wifes friend hour ago when I arrived, having changed, presumably, in the kitchen while finishing dinner. She stayed bent over like that for only maybe two seconds, but it was still long enough for me to get a good view.

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After she straightened, she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I don't know if she had caught me staring or not, but if she had apparently she didn't mind. We sat down to dinner. Matt insisted I sit Birthday blowjob from wifes friend the head of the table as the guest of honor, with Birthday blowjob from wifes friend on my right and Robin on my left.

When Robin sat down, I noticed that while she was wearing the same white blouse as earlier, she had undone the top two or three buttons, giving me a tantalizing view of her chest. Robin is not particularly well-endowed, with teacup-sized B-cup breasts, "Birthday blowjob from wifes friend" she is happy with what Birthday blowjob from wifes friend has and that's good enough for me.

As I said, I'm more of a leg-man. We ate slowly and talked, catching up with one another, joking, and laughing. Then Robin asked me a question about work or something that she knew I couldn't answer in a few seconds and would take me a bit to answer. About thirty seconds into what I was saying, I felt something lightly brush against my leg. Thinking it was a fly or something, I nonchalantly reached down to brush it away and quickly discovered it was Robin's foot.

She continued to look me in the eye, listening, as though nothing at all was out of the ordinary. I coughed and took a drink, trying to cover my momentary pause. Then with great difficulty, I resumed what I was saying. Robin, knowing that I knew what she was doing, rubbed my crotch with the sole of her foot with great gusto.

With her rubbing my cock through my pants with her foot, I quickly started getting hard. In spite of my best efforts Birthday blowjob from wifes friend to, in just a few seconds I was fully hard, and I could feel my cock pressed between my pants and my body. That was when she switched techniques, alternating between rubbing it with her foot and clenching and releasing it with her toes. Two can play at this game, I thought, and reached down and stroked her ankle and lower leg.

Then I playfully dragged a couple of fingers from her heel to toes, causing her to giggle. Without waiting for a reply, she gathered up the plates and headed for the kitchen.

I looked over at Matt and he was grinning from ear to ear. A minute later, though, I had no more doubt. Robin walked back in and stood beside me. She looked at Matt and smiled. He smiled back and nodded. If anything, her grin got even bigger.

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She indicated for me to push my chair back from the table, and as soon as I did she dropped to her knees in front of me and started working on my belt and trousers. You said you wanted a blowjob, didn't you? Her mouth was so fucking hot! She wrapped one hand around the base of my cock and with the other, she stroked my balls. Matt had his pants pushed halfway down and his own hard cock in his hand, stroking it slowly as he watched Robin play with my cock.

We knew you were joking when you said you wanted a blowjob, but we figured the opportunity was now or never. Sooner or later you just gotta fish or cut bait, y'know?

Funny how I had somehow died and gone to Heaven without remembering it I put both hands on her head, forcing her mouth back down on my cock.

She resumed sucking me, taking a little more into her mouth with each stroke. It took maybe three minutes for her to get the whole thing in her mouth. It's not that I'm really big; at six inches or so, I guess I'm about average, but she took her time getting the whole thing in. When she added more with each stroke, it was like a millimeter or two at a time.

I had often fantasized about Robin sucking my cock, wondering what it would feel like to have her hot mouth wrapped around my cock and watching that flame-red hair bobbing up and down on my crotch. Now that I was actually getting it, it was everything I had hoped or imagined it would be and more.

I silently gave thanks Birthday blowjob from wifes friend I had beat off both the night before and that morning. Birthday blowjob from wifes friend, I wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as I wanted to. Finally, she took a deep breath through her nose and plunged the rest of my cock into her mouth. That was all I could take. I had no idea at the time if she liked the taste of cum or not. It felt like my heart skipped a beat as the first shot of cum went into her throat, followed by the second, third, and fourth.

It had been about a year since the last time I had sex - not counting masturbation - and I felt like Birthday blowjob from wifes friend had a gallon of cum. She gagged slightly on about the third, but Birthday blowjob from wifes friend put, receiving every last drop I had to give. When I was totally spent and Birthday blowjob from wifes friend felt my cock going soft in her mouth, she slowly slid off of it. Then she smiled sweetly at me as she swallowed my load.

My orgasm was so intense that I couldn't speak or even think straight for maybe half a minute. Out of this world. Any other superlatives you can think of, it was Personally I love the taste, but not everyone does.

You didn't know, so thank you for telling me. She finished undoing her blouse, but left it on. Birthday Blowjob from my wife and friend - - Free Threesome Porn & Amateur cumshot, blowjob, amateur, homemade, wife, threesome, swallow, neighbor. said my wifes Birthday blowjob from wifes friend friend.

I didn't really like her much. She was a short, kinda curvy lady who talked a lot and sounded like she didn't really. Watch Wife and Young Friend Give Birthday blowjob from wifes friend Bj online on YouPorn is the Double Wife Blowjob Desirae and Ashley Awesome Blowjob From Two Hot Chicks Damn, all I got on my last birthday was a Best Buy gift card.


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Birthday blowjob from wifes friend

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Birthday blowjob from wifes friend

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Birthday Blowjob

Husband let white friend fuck hot young Personally I love the taste, but not everyone does. About thirty seconds into what I was saying, I felt something lightly brush against my leg. Husband and his friend double creampie wife Considering that at the time I was on a "losing streak" of sorts, having no girlfriend and no sex for at least a year, Robin was the basis for many a masturbation fantasy.

Starting low at the base of her lips, I slowly dragged the tip of my tongue up the outside of her labia, paused to kiss her clit, and back down the other side.

Birthday Blowjob from my wife and friend

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Birthday blowjob from wifes friend

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