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Best blowjob cum ever


Every single time my wife has gone down on me for about a year now. She started doing this thing while jacking me off where she sucks at the base of the penis, the top of the balls, right on the urethra.

And a little attention to the balls and taint with her Best blowjob cum ever hand only makes it more intense. We met on tinder and had been talking for a couple weeks. Things had progressed to sexting, so it was pretty clear where we were gonna end Best blowjob cum ever.

Podcast: Foundation For Intense Blow...

There was much grinding, not so subtle under the table groping, and she even went to the bathroom and sent me a few pictures. After a long while of this we headed out to her place and climbed in bed. Finally, after hours and hours, she starts to move downtown. She spent probably 20 minutes just sucking on and licking my balls with no dick contact. Fiiiiinally she moved up and started going to town on my dick. She used her tongue, deepthroated right off the bat, and everything was very wet and slippery.

It Best blowjob cum ever fucking amazing. I came so hard that I blacked out momentarily and my entire body got all tingly when I came to. And God bless her, she swallowed every last drop. It was with a girl who acted like she really wanted to give me oral. Like she enjoyed getting me off. I wifed that woman. I was like 16 and she Best blowjob cum ever It was almost creepy she was so skilled. Instantly started deep throating at 46 this has only been done by 2 other people.

She went at it steady and just Best blowjob cum ever taking it all every single stroke while staring "Best blowjob cum ever" my eyes. Made me cum in under a minute, and did not stop. Not once did I get overly sensitive or need a refractory period. Ten minutes later she made me cum again and still kept going.

Finally after minutes she climbed on top and fucked me stupid for over an hour. It was almost creepy because I have no idea how a 15 yo had those kind of skills. Then Best blowjob cum ever ran her tongue up and down my cock and put it in her mouth. After sucking and tonguing it for a little bit, she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me in so that I was deep throating her.

I got the hint and started fucking her mouth fairly deep and she pulled me in even harder so that I was basically going straight down her throat.

I kept fucking her throat as hard as I could and she never tried to stop me, even while she was Best blowjob cum ever. The memory of her on her back, with my cock being repeatedly rammed down her throat, and my hands on Best blowjob cum ever perfect tits will never fail to instantly get me hard. God, do I want to do that again.

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Enthusiasm, lots of saliva, fantastic suction and thoroughly enjoying having my dick in Best blowjob cum ever mouth. Met this one out one night and we started going at it on a bench by this hotel pool until security came by and told us to cut it out she was shamelessly straddling me in front of a good number of people. To be honest — I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

After about 5 minutes I had to unload and she took it all down like it was absolutely nothing. Completely unfazed minus a slight tinge of disappointment. This chick had a god damn duffel bag full of sex accessories and supplies.

Without much surprise, I last about 5 minutes the second time around as well. They need Best blowjob cum ever dick.

The vast majority of porn is written by men for men. And men want you to be very excited about getting to suck that dick. She deep throated me while my gf ate her out, the image is burned into my mind forever in my permanent spank bank.

Hard to pick one time. Her blowjobs have always been completely different from anything I had imagined, and from anything I later saw in porn; there are four kinds of blowjob she offers and all of them are pretty…unique.

No bobbing, no hands, no nothing, just swirling her tongue. She just really wanted to please me, so she sucked it really hard, took it really deep, and would lock eyes with me intensely for a few seconds every few minutes. She had a cough drop before giving me a blowjob. The menthol gave me tinges and basically I saw all my life flashed Best blowjob cum ever front of me.

As she was sucking me, she took momentary pauses and switched to her hands to just rub and jerk Best blowjob cum ever. Why did she alternate, you ask?

Well, because she is sexually bi, and she was telling me about this first time she was brought to an orgasm by another. I was getting an amazing blowjob as she sucked, "Best blowjob cum ever," took my balls in her mouth, licked the tip, deep throated Best blowjob cum ever, everything I could dream of, while telling how it felt when she was grinding on her friends face as her friend sucked and licked her. Right before I came, she begged me to just grab her head and fuck her throat, and when I came she made me shoot all over her face and hands.

She gently licked my cock clean, and took all my cum from her face and licked it all up too. Then she went and got me a glass of water, had me drink it, and curled up next to me with her beautiful head on my chest and rubbed my body as I passed out.

My gay friend in school. The only gay guy Best blowjob cum ever the Best blowjob cum ever floor, knew I had some bisexual tendencies, just me and him in his room kinda kicked his dorm room mates out and slowly coaxed me into making out with him.

He led me to the bathroom, sat me down, got my dick out, and went to work. My golly this guy Best blowjob cum ever it like it was his job. The best part, my girlfriend loves this story. She Best blowjob cum ever me she enjoyed giving head and was able to prove it. I look down and bam, the entire thing is down her throat.

We were at a small gathering. She came out from the bathroom and into the kitchen where I was making some tea. I looked her up and down and looked at her gorgous frekles. I think she noticed just how much I loved her being around so she started moving towards me into my space and put her hand on my parts. I instantly went hard as she stared into my eyes with a cheeky gleam.

Not a word was said, she unzipped me, dropped to her knees, pulled it out and started sucking.


Her tongue wrapped around me so sweetly and the sensation was the most intense blow job I have ever had. She gently sucked me into her and released that pressure as she let me out. Her tongue was just incredible. It felt like I was being caressed by an expert, a magical mouth with a thousands tiny hands in it.

I came within 3 minutes. No Best blowjob cum ever has ever repeated that amazing, exciting and expertly performed act of brilliance ever in my life again. She also swallowed it all, gave me a big huge grin and walked off to the lounge. She always cups my balls and pulls them up a little bit every time she rocks forward. Our sex life had been good, nothing mindblowing, but good. For some reason though, completely out of nowhere, one day she decided she was going to suck my dick like her house was on fire and my cum was the only thing she had to put it Best blowjob cum ever. And this shit was aggressive.

This was nothing like that. This was me sweating on the floor of her messy bedroom, hanging on to the unvacuumed carpet for dear life, and the only sound in the room was a rhythmic ULGK ULGK ULGK as she, I can only assume, tried to beat my penis up with her gag reflex. This blowjob was so rough you could describe it as bordering on the inhumane.

This blowjob was a fucking war crime in some countries. And I stayed hard. Nope, she just kept right on committing felonious assault on my person.

About ten minutes later, I came again. A fwb wanted to get freaky, but she was on her monthly. She went from fast to slow, gentile to deep throat. Best blowjob cum ever I was ready to cum, she did this thing with her tongue and kept sucking as I came. Damn, i miss her freaky ass. I once came three times when my girlfriend gave me a blowjob. She had "Best blowjob cum ever" teasing me pretty hard before, I came, she kept going and going and I came two times. It was really intense and amazing.

Yesterday she started blowing me when I came out of the shower, told me to lie down and started teasing my asshole, I begged her to play with it for which she Best blowjob cum ever. Waking up to getting my dick sucked. I had woken up to unlock my door so she could come over since she lived like an hr away I went right back to sleep. Woke up with my dick being sucked. Ever have a wet dream come true? The best best blowjob swallow porn videos are right here at Click here Best Amateur Blowjob Ever Cum in Mouth Close Up 4K HD.

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I started taking her clothes.

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