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Maisie williams nude photo leak


Maisie Williams became the latest in a long line of celebs to be involved in a naked pic scandal. The Game Of Thrones star had some topless snaps of hers stolen and leaked online earlier this week. The shots we taken online from her private Maisie williams nude photo leak media account, her representative has now confirmed.

The year-old can be seen wearing only black bikini bottoms while sitting cross legged on a rock.

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The snaps were said to have been for close friends but somehow found their way onto social media sites around Maisie williams nude photo leak globe. They said to Page Six: The young actress visited the Japanese town of Taiji last week to campaign against the capture and killing of dolphins across the country on behalf of the Dolphin Project.

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However a rep for Maisie, who is best known Arya Stark in GoT, did not comment on how the snaps made their way onto social media but tried to play down the leak. Previous celebs who have has to deal with private images being leaked are actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco as well as Kim Kardashian. Game Of Thrones, Maisie Williams. See more articles by Ruairi Scott Byrne.

Like celebs and showbiz gossip? Sign up to our newsletter!: Celebs Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams confirms nude Maisie williams nude photo leak leak. More snaps later emerged of Maisie getting her kit off with two friends near the ocean. In the shots Maisie wears only bikini bottoms while sitting cross legged.

Celebs 5 days ago. Celebs 2 months ago. Entertainment 4 months ago. Celebs 4 months Maisie williams nude photo leak. Celebs 5 months ago. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The trash fire continues: Nude photos of Maisie Williams have leaked on the Internet. Seriously, why are people garbage?. Poor Maisie Williams is the latest celebrity to fall victim to hackers, with her social media accounts apparently compromised.

Over the weekend, sites like Reddit. Hot upskirt pics of an English actress Maisie Williams in Santa Monica.

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The latest sexy pics of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner at the Game of Thrones.

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