I Can Take Up Jogging Again

Looking into chiropractors in San Jose, I wondered more than once if any of them could get me back into jogging again. I jogged for years, thoroughly enjoyed it as my main form of fitness, and wanted to get back into it in a big way. My problem is that I have persistent knee pain that I believe occurred primarily due to aging. I gave up running because it got to the point where the pain would flare up and then not go away by the next day. Even now it flares up and I’m not even running.

My primary doctor did some scans and said he couldn’t see anything wrong. He suggested it could be tendinitis because that condition can come and go. He suggested just resting my knees and then trying to ease back into the activity. The problem is that doing the resting didn’t work. As soon as I tried to run, it came back with a fury. He said there wasn’t really anything he could do beyond the advice he gave. Obviously, I would need some other solution if I wished to get back out on the jogging trails. That’s why I turned to a chiropractor.

I made an appointment and went in for an examination and the chiropractor took a look and said it most likely wasn’t tendinitis. Fortunately, he also said it wasn’t anything more serious. I had visions of having a knee replacement, but he laughed that off and said we would try some stretching instead. It took a few visits, but I must say my knee feels better than it has in years! I’ve slowly eased back into running and I am not experiencing any pain whatsoever. For me, going to see the chiropractor was the best decision I’ve made concerning my health.