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What is bukkakke


Discussion in ' Triathlon ' started by Stephanie MyzrgApr 7, Last week one of my husband's friends said that bukkake would help my running performance. I've never heard of it.

Bukkake is when a Mommy...

Not wanting to feel stupid, I acted like I knew what he was talking about. I should have asked him because I have no idea what it is. Is it some kind of japanese supplement? Isnt Bukkake Japanese pornography? Try a google search watch what comes up Bukkake involves a bunch of guys standing around shooting their loads onto the face of a female participant - Japanese or otherwise. Whether or not it helps your running performance is debatable, although it probably will make you more popular with your running group Amusingly, that's how I just got here in the first What is bukkakke Ok, I know what it is now Please disregard the post.

Going back to lurk mode. On 8 Apr Wouldn't it qualify as a recovery drink, protein and all On 7 Apr Either it is a troll, rather amusing, or your husband needs to find new friends. By know if this isn't troll I'm sure you have discovered what bukkake is. I'm gullible and my husband needs new friends! How embarrassing and how gross. What is bukkakke original post was so "ecce" What is bukkakke. If it's legit, it's the funniest post I've ever read on RST.

Bukkake is known to enhance one's racing performance, especially if it is taken What is bukkakke night before. It is "What is bukkakke" that the warmth of the bukkake essence heats up the muscles and makes them limber.

Make sure you drink some up, because it is full of protein and will be useful in aiding post-race recovery. I believe bukkake is just what the doctor ordered. Send me a picture after you take bukkake.

Borrowed from Japanese 打っ掛け (bukkake,...

I want to compare the before and after. Tell me how you liked it, too. Steven WalkApr 10, What is bukkakke theme seems to be lots of men ejaculating onto a girls face, one after the other. I don't see how it would help your running as you wouldn't be able to see where you are going. Chris, We're inclined to agree. At first we were going to "What is bukkakke" Stephanie for the vulgar reference. Upon further reflection the naivete is "What is bukkakke" cute to hide.

Let the post stand! We have dealt with What is bukkakke on numerous occaisons. This does not appear to be an ecce post the more we analyze it. Absolutely hilarious it is. Sorry, Stephanie - you've been had by your so-called friends. Don't worry, we'll forget about it in a few weeks and you can stop lurking.

In your defense - not a lot of people know what bukkake is. The only groups in search of one-handed love. I know, we're pitiful. That's why we do triathons. RST Commission chrismaginn hotmail. Glad I can show my ignorance Just not enough time surfing one-handed I guess You knew what it meant.

Poor dear girl didn't though. Funniest post of the year, so far.

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Puts mine to shame. In fact, mine are pretty lame. I'm getting bored with triafletes. Steven WalkApr 30, You must log in or sign up to post here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: A relatively common porno fetish that includes one sperm recipient, usually of the female variety, and at least 3 or more sperm What is bukkakke. Usually the recipient.

Bukkake is What is bukkakke multiple people ejaculate with their penises on a person's face or body at the same time. It comes from the Japanese verb bukkakeru which.

Have you (guy/girl) ever particiapted What is bukkakke bukkake? If so, how was it? I've heard it described as a great alternative to"ordinary" sex, but it seems.


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