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Jade raymond comic


The mini-controversy in a nutshell. Basically, someone did a strip depicting Raymond acting ditzy, dressed in a bikini, Jade raymond comic fellating several gamers to ostensibly heighten Jade raymond comic for Assassin's Creed which she worked on as producer. The strip was posted on Something Awful, and Ubisoft promptly threatened to sue. "Jade raymond comic" responded as you'd expect SA to respond: By calling the lawyers faggots.

The creator of the comic is now displaying a "Made Jade Cry" Achievement tag on his site and his Deviantart page. And Jade raymond comic his detractors as faggots. The situation's prompted quite a bit of harsh criticism from different sources, including this feminist gameing blogthis gaming in the media blog and Game Girl Advanced. Conversely, a lot of fire is being sent in Ubisoft's direction because of its perceived threat towards SA's freedom of speech.

Some will argue that the strip NSFW, my apologies to those offended is critical of the gamers who've been lusting after the producer almost as much as the game. I think that fact that the strip portrays the woman as a moron and a whore, as well as the creator's response to the backlash, easily contradict that interpretation.

So what do you think? Storm in a teacup? Sad indictment on the male-dominated gaming culture? The sort of ugliness that should be expected from a place named Jade raymond comic Awful? Huma really should have made this a poll? I really wouldn't be linking to it actually --it's hilarious how Ubi threatened SA for linking an image someone else made, but then again you're linking it now, sooooo. Thus, YCS is getting sued. I find that Jade raymond comic funniest of all. Also I'm not sure SA was the first place it showed up; either way it's just a "threaten and desist" letter, it's never going to go into a real lawsuit.

If Lowtax was taking it seriously, Mr. Crabs would've been called out. Jade raymond comic, SA is huge; one post does not an entire forum make. Especially one which is far and away many times more active than, say, Ars. SA's pretty damn big, YCS is a special place. Let's Jade raymond comic paint with too broad a brush. "Jade raymond comic" have subforums covering everything from cars to pets to political debate. The specific picture was linked to by a single user.

The fact that it happened to be linked on SA does not generalize to the rest of SA. What did they expect from trying to front row her to an audience of internet males. Originally posted by Village: Did we really need to bring this here?

This forum is getting more boring each day so yeah. Perhaps not, but SA, as a forum, tends to be far, far more tolerant of asshattery and general clownish behavior than, say, Ars Technica. As a result, they do attract those sorts of people; I could go on at length literally for hours about the stupid dumbshit things that SA has openly condoned that SA Goons have gone out and done, in the name of SA, off of SA - and then gone back to SA to report on and brag about their activities.

This is typical Goon behavior. The producer of Assassin's Creed is female? First I've heard of it. More to the point: Is this really that big of a deal - or, more accurately, should it Jade raymond comic a big deal? Should gaming be some sort of Old Boy's Club where women are shunned? I thought we'd made it to the 21st Century here.

Her being a female and hot is a big deal to a lot of stupid people. Should it be a big deal? Originally posted by Nekojin: As juvenile as this is going to make me sound: That's led to her becoming a part of the marketing campaign, which is what led to this little molehill.

Storm in a teacup. Is the Jade raymond comic bad taste? I'm at work and only saw the first panel that was in the SA post by Lowtax. Absolutely not, it's parody. Larry Flynt has already gone to bat for us regarding "Jade raymond comic" particular battle.

Who is to blame? Sounds like everybody involved except Lowtax. And yes, I include Jade in that, as well as Ubisoft and the author of the Jade raymond comic. Oh, and Psion, too many inside references. Your post totally confused me. I don't think the issue is really that they have a female producer, but the fact that they've been putting her in all of their ads, on tv spots, etc. More on topic, the comic that started all of this makes it seem like she is whoring herself to get the game sold.

My guess is she's just doing the tv spots and whatnot because Ubisoft is telling her to. The comic should have focused more on Ubisoft's "view" of women in the gaming industry hell, just look at FragDolls and not Jade specifically.

Also, the fact that the creator of "Jade raymond comic" comic made the "I made Jade Cry" fake achievement just proves he is a fuckhead and doesn't deserve this much attention.

Well, let's look at the facts here: Assuming that Ubisoft has at least two Jade raymond comic cells to rub together, it's fairly obvious that putting Raymond out there as the spokesperson for this game Jade raymond comic a calculated decision. With that being said, I find the comic tasteless and vulgar, and have no problem with Ubisoft using legal methods to get it removed Supporting or simply being indifferent to nonsense like this only serves to reinforce that view.

Originally posted by Unforgiven: Did Ubisoft create the Jade raymond comic, or did they just pick up the FragDolls with a corporate sponsorship? I seem to recall the FragDolls being independent at first.

I think it's puerile, but certainly not deserving of lawsuits to shut Jade raymond comic down. She is damn hot, though. Originally posted by Laner: I also hope large corporations always succeed in litigation against anyone who produces offensive satire. Does that mean that Epic thought that CliffyB being male was a big Jade raymond comic when they were whoring him about to promote Gears of War?

Until I see evidence to suggest otherwise and no, the existence of the Frag Dolls is not evidence I can only assume that Jade Raymond got where she is on merit.

Just as I do with CliffyB. Originally posted by Mid-Boss: Comes with living in a cave where we don't get Cable. I haven't seen a TV commercial literally in almost a year. Can someone give me some idea of the kind of exposure she's been having in these ads? Is she dressed respectably, or is she wearing thong bikinis, wet t-shirts, or other blatantly objectifying clothes?

Gamer girl in a normal t-shirt shouldn't be news, no matter how attractive she is Originally posted by McGarnagle: CliffyB whores himself out. Owned and operated by Ubisoft. Gee, position a fairly attractive woman to gamers and you're surprised?

Like that Morgan chick they show everywhere.

Clearly, We Do Not Deserve...

I wouldn't ignore her at a party, but I'm not going to leave my gf for her, even if I were shallow and unhappy. I kind of thought the idea of using bukake as a foil for critiquing what I shall indelicately call "media whoring" was kind of clever or at least interesting because it opposes one extremist and particularly exuberant form of pornography against one particularly exuberant form of Jade raymond comic.

News has broken this morning...

Both of which, in this case, exploit women as "Jade raymond comic" to target and excite the interests of men. So the cartoon has a critical point to make that might verge on the clever.

So then we ask Jade raymond comic "was it done without taste? But if you are going to do tasteless, I'd argue that cartoons are the medium or choice and should remain so. In fact, the very reason someone can be so offensive in a cartoon is because it is the least offensive form of communication Jade raymond comic is on the margins of mainstream media.

And was posted in the dark nether-regions of a semi-moronic internet forum on top of it all. So no buzzer there either as far as I am concerned. Therefore, I give Ubi the thumbs down on this one.

Their stupid lawsuit lends credibility to a stupid cartoon, and only manages Jade raymond comic up the attention whoring all around. Which, as a result, erodes the principled ground they claim to stand on. EDIT: it's not a fake porno image, just a stupid comic NSFW link: http://xsxs.

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to/xs// (remove if inappropriate). Jade Jade raymond comic and that comic (). When Ubisoft decided to take the “Look! A hawt female made this game! Buy it!” promotion route for.

Jade Raymond is supposedly a "video game programmer" working for Ubisoft Montreal. Ubisoft The comic shows Jade sucking cock to promote the game.

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Ubisoft is a game company matchless known for releasing over motherfucking Tom Clancy games every month, and for their fawning, creepy obsession with women. Nobody from a to z knows why they act cognate a bunch of easily offended, politically correct emo students stressful to impress a girl at a party. Some theorize that they are an alien attack fleet sent from the planet Womyn to manipulate men and destroy the industry.

The depressed prosaic simply accept that Yves Guillemot started the company in a desperate attempt to onto laid. Conversely, Occam's Razor states that the most likely motive for their being such utter pussies is that they're fucking French.

Jade Raymond is allegedly a " video game programmer " working for Ubisoft Montreal. Ubisoft, apparently having realized that most gamers are raging hormonal virgins , decided that in order to sell their changed game, Assassin's Creed , they would have Jade front it. Essentially, Jade functions as observe candy so that you whim be so distracted by her feminine charms and your thirst to rape her repeatedly that you will spend more Jewgolds and this will increase her sales.

She is quite possibly under the impression that she has been hired due to talent of some sort but in reality it is so that she can be fapped over. She may be just moderately good looking but she is considered prime fapping matter for computer geeks due to the association with gaming.

Clearly, We Do Not Deserve Nice Things And/Or People

A hawt female made this game! Jade Raymond was the executive producer of Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft milked her sex appeal as a young female excessively and shamelessly. The comic was posted it on the Web site SomethingAwful. The comic was removed from site.

But since it is impossible to kill anything on the Internet, the comic work is still doing the rounds in cyberspace today. But that is exactly what Daniel Petric did. The US teen, who was 16 years of age at the time, had tried to smuggle Halo 3 into his house despite his folks banning him from playing the game.

He tried to frame his dad for the shooting but, unfortunately for Petric, his old man actually survived. Petric use his "video games addiction" as a defence in an effort to obtain a lenient sentence. West was Infinity Ward's president and Zampella its cofounder. They were basically the people behind the highly successful Call of Duty series. The duo was reportedly sniffing out another publisher for Infinity Ward after Activision allegedly failed hand over royalties for Call of Duty:

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Jade Raymond Leaves EA + Oculus Co-founder Leaves Company + Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed to 2020

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The mini-controversy in a nutshell. Basically, someone did a strip depicting Raymond acting ditzy, dressed in a bikini, and fellating a sprinkling gamers to ostensibly increase anticipation in behalf of Assassin's Credo which she worked on as in. The divest oneself of was posted on Something Awful, and Ubisoft with celerity threatened to sue. SA responded as you'd contemplate SA to respond: At near calling the lawyers faggots. The inventor of the comic is now displaying a "Made Jade Cry" Achievement stub on his site and his Deviantart page.

And dismissing his detractors as faggots. The situation's prompted quite a bit of harsh critique from weird sources, including this feminist gameing web site , that gaming in the media blog and Game Lass Advanced. Conversely, a an enormous number of fever is being sent in Ubisoft's operating because of its perceived threat supporting SA's manumission of harangue.

Some disposition argue that the get undressed NSFW, my apologies to those offended is carping of the gamers who've been lusting after the producer hardly as lots as the game.

I think that fact that the flay portrays the woman as a moron and a whore, as well as the creator's response to the reaction, easily counteract that illustration.

So what do you think? Barrage in a teacup?

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Jade Raymond

Uh, Jade did not agree to pose for Maxim and never did. I'm at work and only saw the first panel that was in the SA post by Lowtax. Bring back the main forum list. CliffyB whores himself out. Also, I don't want to be in this thread anymore. Bottom line is that all we can do is speculate because we don't work at Ubisoft.

You just exploded your marketability.

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Do you prefere the alpha or beta female? EDIT: it's not a fake porno image, just a stupid comic NSFW link: http://xsxs. to/xs// (remove if inappropriate). Page 1 of 4 - Ubisoft pissed over "pornographic" Jade Raymond comic - posted in General Gaming: omicphp..

  • News has broken this morning that EA Motive founder Jane Raymond has departed the company, signaling a change in management.
  • Is Jade Raymond just an industry Pin-Up girl used to drive sales? - General Discussion...
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  • EDIT: it's not a fake porno image, just a stupid comic NSFW link: http://xsxs. to/xs// (remove if...
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  • Clearly, We Do Not Deserve Nice Things And/Or People | Broken Toys
  • Page 1 of 4 - Ubisoft pissed over "pornographic" Jade Raymond comic - posted...

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