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How do i get my wife to watch porn


I'd also recommend selecting porn that How do i get my wife to watch porn subject matter unlikely to turn off your wife — nothing openly degrading, something with decent production values and actors she's likely to find attractive presumably you know her type. I dunno, human male testicle size and semen composition suggest to me that the "hypergamy story" that females leap from branch to branch, but rarely grab two branches at once is a tame version of truth that we men comfort ourselves with.

The physical evidence plus the logic that women have exactly as much to lose as men by mixing genes with just one other person what if the genes aren't very compatible?? The last time we were in Vegas, we did a PPV porn — first time of watching a dirty movie together in 15 years of marriage.

Large numbers of people watch...

The bad news was…it was just godawfully awful. The good news was, we laughed ourselves silly for about five minutes, shut it off, and then screwed like newlyweds. Bless you, Athol Kay, for articulating a commonsense moderate view of porn so nicely. A salad with bacon is just a game of hide and seek the bacon. Seriously, How do i get my wife to watch porn like porn, but not very much of it.

I think the key is to tap into his wife's fantasies. There is surely straight porn that will include it. Also, I think very few couples want the both of a full length feature lol with all the terrible acting.

A little bit of preamble and getting busy is much better.

"When I'm watching it with...

I suggest going onto YouPorn, choosing a category that looks interesting to her and sample some highly rated videos. My biggest worry about watching porn with a man is that he's going to want to see some 35 y o pretending to be a college girl and blowing a whole group of guys at once.

No woman wants to see that. I have read that a lot of women watch gay male porn, but that's probably asking a bit much of hubby. Or at least we hope so. Everyone here seems to enjoy a little porn occasionally I do How do i get my wife to watch porn. Personally I would be uncomfortable with my kids doing porn.

Would I marry someone in the industry, very unlikely. Porn is mostly awful, but it has a few little areas of sweetness. Personally I like actual couples rather than the random actor hook up scenes. Which is fairly different in nature. Cat Lady, A little porn seems to help marriages, and God bless the hard How do i get my wife to watch porn actors and actresses who are busy pounding away at their porn jobs all day, but no, HELL no, would it ever be okay for my children to enter this industry.

To each his own, but I wouldn't be comfortable watching porn with my wife. There is something about How do i get my wife to watch porn another woman and another man to get us horny for eachother that I don't like and that I'm very sure she wouldn't like. We have a very trusting relationship, but much of it is based on complete faith in the other person's willingness and ability to quickly shut down advances from the opposite sex, and while watching porn together would not be a violation of that trust, I worry there would be something destabilizing about using other people to get us hot for eachother, especially when we don't have any problem getting that way on our own.

I also have seen bad results from married friends who embraced external erotica as a means of stimulation. I used to work with a guy whose wife would often send him to the titty bar after work to get all hornied up for the evening. We all thought he had the coolest wife in the world. He ended up cheating on her with a stripper multiple times, she found out, and they got divorced. Watching porn together is different from that, but psychologically I think it trains your brain to open up some of the same doors, doors that I'd just as "How do i get my wife to watch porn" leave closed in my marriage.

Eric, I think your comment is interesting. I remember reading about studies where couples in the experimental group watched porn and the control did not and the couples who watched porn all became less satisfied with their partner and the relationship. I think porn does involve other people in your relationship and also your expectations about bodies and sex change as you view it.

Cat Lady has a really important point, one that persists for most women. It seems really unfair. I've never had a man explain it. He just shifts in his chair and says something along the lines of "C'mon. Now, I'm a huge fan of yor site, but the one thing that really irks me is how you seem to think that women who've had lovers other than their husband are somehow less "fit" as a wife.

To me, what's more Alpha than that? I def don't want a little boy running around so scared of his manhood that he can only take a virgin, but also want to get off to porn. All while smug that HIS wife wouldn't want other men. A classic problem for a regular guy marrying a woman with a high partner count is that she has invariably had sex with significantly better men than her husband at some point. So the tendency is to be unsatisifed with him.

Your email address will not be published. First off thanks for your blog, it has been an inspiration. My wife and I both read your blog nearly everyday, and it has helped our marriage grow stronger.

She is fairly laid back and we have a lot of fun flirting and teasing one another. Also I am the only sexual partner my wife has ever had, which helps the situation even more. My wife and I have a great marriage and our sex life is very good times a week, sometime more.

However, there is one area of contention…. I rather enjoy watching porn, and not just from a omgboobs point of view. I do not watch porn or even want to watch porn very often, couple times a month at most.

So I took a risk the other day and told my wife that I occasional look at porn and that I want her to watch it with me. To me this is amazingly sexy and I would prefer to watch with her than watch alone. So I feel a bit stuck. How do i get my wife to watch porn me watching porn occasionally is just a part of who I am sexually, and I feel like I cannot share that with my wife. Take bacon for example, bacon is the most wonderful food in all of human history and probably will never be displaced from that status.

Bacon is crunchy and tasty and fatty and delicious. Bacon is like bacon unto me. That sentence makes no sense at all, but it rocks for a double mention of bacon. Bacon be with you. I could eat bacon all day though, and therein lies the problem. My heart would eventually stop from the extra hundreds of pounds of body weight gained from my bacon consumption.

So anyway, I eat bacon, just not lots of it. All things in moderation is the key. Especially if there is still times of weekly sex happening. In fact I suspect that for some people watching porn actually aids in them sustaining a monogamous relationship. There is a strong natural inclination to both create a primary partner relationship, but also to try and sneak something extra on the side as something kinda random and no strings.

Particularly the males have this impulse. The trouble is that so much porn is just bad. And by bad I mean pathetically awful. Modern adult stores are almost overwhelming in the range and supply of titles that are offered, somehow all look nearly the same. Got a particular kink? In the end she may just be a low-stimulation person. That means that even moderate stimulation, say a four person dinner party as opposed to throwing a party for 50 people is stimulating enough for her.

One sex partner as opposed to twenty sex partners is stimulating enough for her. So sometimes less is more. Plus Jennifer was basically drenched in readiness for me after watching them. So no complaints here. So my basic suggestion to her — to you — is to try it. You may like it more than you expect. Just slip into the silk and cuddle up together on the couch with a glass of wine and watch some explicit sex ed.

Suggest a washable something spread on the couch under you. Actually as I recall back in the day when we watched the first video in The Better Sex Series together, I just hauled the whole mattress off the bed and dragged it to the living room and put it in front of the TV. Comments I'd also recommend selecting porn that contains subject matter unlikely to turn off your wife — nothing openly degrading, something with decent production values and actors she's likely to find attractive presumably you know her type.

Hey, just a question for y'all: Genuinely curious, not scolding anyone…. And to Laurence Fishburne, my heartfelt sympathies.

Don't feel like you should...

Hey Athol, Cat Lady has a really important point, one that persists for most women. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What Secretly Watching Porn Does to Your Woman (and how to fix it!) pornography behind your wife, fiancee or girlfriend's back because it would hurt her to know what.

That tv show you watch with all the sexy women?. Large numbers of people How do i get my wife to watch porn porn either together or individually, with arousal or getting ideas to introduce to your sexual repertoire, but try.

"When I'm watching it with my partner I never make it through the whole video because we get distracted by each other.".

How do i get my wife to watch porn Sex with my wife videos Chang chun chinese restaurant 43 The person who sings let it go 720 Teens love huge cocks porn pics 786 BIKINI CALENDAR GIRLS I'd also recommend selecting porn that contains subject matter unlikely to turn off your wife — nothing openly degrading, something with decent production values and actors she's likely to find attractive presumably you know her type. PORN COSPLAY PICTURES Keeping up with the kardashians got milf How do i get my wife to watch porn For women who are dating, this might be the "how many people have you slept with?
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How do i get my wife to watch porn

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Why does my ex act like this? #1 Ease into the idea. Don't tell her mid-hookup that you guys should watch porn. This is HUGE no-no. She will immediately dismiss the idea, and she may even. It's not at all, because once your wife realizes your focus is only on her, and not the naked porn star moaning in the background, she'll feel so sexy that she's..

How to tell your wife...

Net Nanny is one of the big names in this area, but there are plenty of others. If there was a time to finally be honest about the sex we have and the sex we want to have, now is certainly that time. I remember reading about studies where couples in the experimental group watched porn and the control did not and the couples who watched porn all became less satisfied with their partner and the relationship.

To me this is amazingly sexy and I would prefer to watch with her than watch alone. One sex partner as opposed to twenty sex partners is stimulating enough for her.

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Getting The Wife To Watch Porn With You

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