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Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis


Although much remains unknown about feline dermatology, one thing is certain: Many skin conditions are related to internal disease. When it comes Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis skin disease, cats are not just small dogs. This was a key point from a presentation on skin disease in cats by Candace A. Veterinarians should charge for each skin diagnostic test, including simple scrapings, Dr. Sousa said, emphasizing that clients should pay for the expert opinion and knowledge.

In addition to obtaining a history and performing a physical exam, organizing possible skin diseases into categories can help in making a diagnosis. She then provided details on congenital, endocrine, neoplastic, parasitic, viral, and miscellaneous skin diseases that are unique to cats. Affected cats may traumatize themselves. In addition, "Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis" otitis may be present concurrently. Treatment response is typically poor. Proliferative and Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis Otitis Proliferative and necrotizing otitis is rare, has an unknown etiology, and typically affects 3- to 6-month-old kittens.

Physical examination of the ears reveals large tan or dark coalescing plaques on the concave surface of the pinnae and external ear canals; the ears may also contain comedones. Histopathologic findings include acanthosis, follicular keratosis, and hair follicle outer sheath hyperplasia and keratinocyte necrosis.

A 3-year-old spayed Persian cat...

This skin condition can be treated with topical 0. Oral prednisolone can also be used, but its effectiveness in treating this disease remains unknown. The prognosis is poor. Endocrine Diseases Feline Skin Fragility Typically a marker of feline hyperadrenocorticism, feline skin fragility generally occurs Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis older cats. With several potential causes eg, progestin therapy, excessive administration of corticosteroidsthis condition results in a collagen deficiency that makes the skin extremely thin.

Examining an Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis cat requires very gentle handling to avoid tearing the skin. Sousa noted, not much bleeding occurs when the skin tears. Also, unlike in dogs, alopecia is typically not present in affected cats. Sousa recommended Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis adrenal function be tested during the diagnostic evaluation.

The prognosis is grave, especially if the underlying cause cannot be identified.

The clinical and histopathological features...

Neoplastic Diseases Paraneoplastic Alopecia Associated With Visceral Neoplasia This skin disease has an acute onset and generally affects cats aged 10 years and older. There is complete alopecia of the ven- trum; the skin appears shiny, potentially due to stratum corneum exfoliation.

Scaly footpads are a hallmark of this disease. Clinical signs weight loss, anorexia, and lethargy suggest an underlying systemic disease. Abdominal ultrasound may reveal visceral neoplasia, which is usually a pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Skin biopsy findings—severe follicular and adnexal atrophy; alopecia-associated epidermal thickening—can also aid in tumor identification. It is thought that the tumor releases factors, such as cytokines, Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis cause follicular shrinkage.

The prognosis is grave. Exfoliative Dermatitis and Thymoma Exfoliative Dermatitis This rare form of dermatitis, secondary to an underlying thymoma, causes scaly and erythematous dermatitis that begins on the head and neck and eventually becomes generalized. Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis

This report describes three cases...

The dermatitis is nonpruritic and affects middle-aged and older cats. It is thought that defective thymic lymphocyte selection results in an abnormal immune response to keratinocyte antigens, causing keratinocyte apoptosis.

Photo 3: Idiopathic Facial Dermatitis...

Facial dermatitis in cats is a poorly understood clinical problem observed in Persian and Himalayan cats. This report describes three cases of idiopathic facial. Facial dermatitis of Persian and Himalayan cats. Synonym(s): Idiopathic facial dermatitis. Contributor(s): Rosanna Marsella, David Scarff, Charlie Walker. Keywords: Malassezia yeasts, Dermatitis, Cat, Predisposing factor. Curtis C.F. Idiopathic Persian Facial Dermatitis, Ferguson E.A. An idiopathic facial dermatitis of Persian cats.

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