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Michaels has been retired from professional wrestling sincealthough he has returned on occasion for the occasional storyline. Since his retirement, Michaels has had more time to spend with his family.

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The have two children together, one son and one daughter. You might think that Curci would have freaked out knowing that Shawn Michaels was interested in her, but she was not a big wrestling fan and had no clue who Michaels even was.

Still, as into Rebecca as he was, Shawn Michaels did not call her for a few days.

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Finally, Michaels decided to give her a call. Neither of us slept much, and we would talk until four in the morning.

It was puppy love running amuck. After talking over the phone and over e-mail for a few weeks, Michaels and Curci finally met when Curci offered to take a flight from Atlanta, Georgia to come see him in San Antonio, Texas.

Curci went back to Atlanta after she and Michaels spent a few Shawn michaels wife naked together. A few weeks later, they saw each other again when Curci was doing a photo shoot.

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As Michaels was driving Curci back to the airport so that she could catch a flight home to Atlanta, he says he realized he was in love with her and that Shawn michaels wife naked wanted to get married. Just like in the movies, he ran to catch up to her in the airport to tell her how he felt, and she said that she loved him too and thought it was just her who felt that way.

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