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Asian ginger salad


The other Asian ginger salad, I ordered a side salad to accompany my sushi. I was intrigued by the dressing—carrot ginger. How had I not tasted carrot-ginger dressing?

The dressing "Asian ginger salad" a little more lumpy than smooth, but the flavor was amazing. Homemade dressings always taste a million times better than store-bought. Make a side salad out of it with any combination of the ideas listed below. Looking for more irresistible homemade salad dressings? Here are a few more for you:.

Please let me know how you like this dressing in the comments! This salad dressing tastes remarkably fresh, creamy and light. It would pair nicely with other recipes with Asian flavors. I'm probably making a big mess in my Kansas City kitchen right now. Subscribe to our email newsletter! As a Asian ginger salad you, we'll give you our welcome guide with 5 printable dinner recipes. "Asian ginger salad" comments make my day. If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too.

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You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Do you think you could use lightly steamed carrots to make them easier to blend? I have a handheld immersion blender. You might find it more watery, since the carrots would Asian ginger salad some of the moisture in Asian ginger salad steam.

I was wondering about taking out the honey because carrots have enough natural sweetness and the salt, so that I could add a bit of miso- which would add back a bit Asian ginger salad salt and yummy umami and probably Asian ginger salad bit of natural sweetness from the rice.

This dressing is not sweet as written. The ginger, vinegar and lime juice give it quite a kick. I added the honey to balance out the flavors a bit, but you could try omitting or reducing it. I made this with no sweeteners and found it still yummy, and in fact,sweet!

Would this be good on noodles? A question as I like to play around with salad dressings — how do you make it Asian ginger salad up to 2 weeks? I assumed the carrot and ginger would spoil.

Hi Sorcha, dressings are generally "Asian ginger salad" when used within 1 week just because the flavors lose their intensity over time. I would assume that 1 part vinegar would be enough to prevent the dressing from going bad for a while. I had the EXACT Asian ginger salad experience last time I ordered sushi- utter surprise that this lumpy dressing contains so much flavour.

Thanks for posting your creation! I tried to make this in my Magimix Food Processor and it was way too lumpy. I transferred the mixture to my high speed blender and it was silky and without lumps. Do you think this would keep well in the freezer? I LOVE this dressing at sushi restaurants and would love to make a big old stock of it to have around.

Re carrot and ginger dressing: I think carrots have more nutrition if they are cooked rather than used raw. This could be done before pureeing this dressing to get the most out of the carrots. Plus stop the lumps and make it even creamier? What do you think? How have you never had carrot ginger dressing before? Yes, the Vitamix makes it extra-creamy!

Will definitely add this to my salad dressing rotation. The ginger carrot salad is delicious. I made it tonight and tossed it on my garden arugula and red leaf lettuce that I just picked tonight from my vegetable harder. I want to eat it by the spoonful! It is so good! Thanks for the recipe. I would definitely make this again.

A quick healthy meal that...

Asian ginger salad the carrot ginger dressing and served it with lightly seared ahi tuna. Hope you come up with some tapas recipes from Spain. One in particular I am looking for is a salad we had in Madrid. It had pickled apples,brown mustard seed dressing, and pork pieces that were crispy served over greens. That sounds delicious, Valerie! If you want to emulate Japanese style dressing, then just add some white miso in place of the salt and add green onion!

Very Asian ginger salad to see this dressing.

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I think it was mostly Asian ginger salad iceberg lettuce. But it was still good. I think the cooked carrots would give it a bit of a stronger, sweeter flavor as it will break down some of those natural sugars. Feel free to experiment! This is better than eating ice cream! But blending in my old Waring, the finished product came out looking slightly curdled and perhaps a little thick.

Maybe a reblend with a tad more oil would do it? Would love your thoughts. Your Asian ginger salad are all so good. So glad you like this, Nancy! I think the oil, or maybe even a little more water, will thin it out for you, too. I made this dressing for my weekday lunch this week, salad, exactly like yours but I added a hard boiled egg. I drag the butter lettuce all around the bowl to get the last of the dressing. I think I could add water to thin next time, but not sure why mine was different.

But still really fantastic! The dressing was really yummy and even my 10 year old daughter asked for more and she wanted to take it to school for lunch today. Thank you so much for sharing, you Asian ginger salad a really good Asian ginger salad of recipes.

This dressing is delicious. Beautiful, fresh and so different from my usual homemade dressings. Just made this and it is tasty! Did not add any sweetener since I am off added sugar but did cook the carrots for a few minutes. I think it will be a regular addition to the diet! I think I may have had a similar dressing at my local shushi place the other day. It was so delicious, I wanted to go back there and ask Asian ginger salad the recipe.

Can you recommend anything in lieu of lime juice? Pineapple could work, and you could also try different types of vinegars for the acidity. Let me know how it goes! This dressing is awesome.

I absolutely love it! The dressing tastes just like the one they serve in a Japanese restaurant. Asian ginger salad re-creation is perfect!

This is delicious and it was so easy. Thanks for a great recipe! This was really good!

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I guess I just need a Vitamix: Thanks, Kate, just made this and loved it! Served it on your chopped salad, with halibut and rice, and it somehow had me dabbing dressing on them too. It may wind up on Asian ginger salad mornings oatmeal!

Love the bright color! Asian ginger salad made it for a potluck at work, serving with a veggie tray of mini peppers, sliced cucumbers, and jicama and celery sticks. This Ginger Salad dressing is very similar to the dressing you're served at your favorite Japanese Steakhouse. It's tangy and a little bit sweet. This vegetarian and vegan Chinese inspired salad is hearty enough for lunch or dinner and filled with healthy ingredients like cabbage.

Asian salad with carrots, cucumber, seaweed strips, cilantro, sesame seeds, avocado, and a soy-ginger dressing.

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