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Menstrual Cup-How To Choose The Right One?

Switching from using tampons or pads to using menstrual cups can be a bit hard. A lot of women feel this. However, there are plenty of women that do not know that these cups actually has its benefits. A lot of women are having difficulty in choosing the right menstrual cup.

Below is your guide in selecting the right menstrual cup:

A. You need to examine your cervix

Before you choose a mentrual cup, you need to check your cervix, is it low or high, because this is the basis of your comfortability. When examining your cervix, the first thing that you need to do is squat and then you need to insert your middle finger to know the distance of your cervix. You will know that you are already in the cervix if you feel something round and soft.

If you cannot feel it even if you have inserted your whole middle finger then you have a high cervix. You will also know that you have a low cervix when you immediately feel it. You need to take this factor into consideration. You will need to purchase smaller sized menstrual cups if you have a low cervix.

B. You need to know how heavy is your menstrual flow

You will know the size of menstrual cup to purchase based on your menstrual flow. The heavier the flow is the bigger the size is. You need to remember this when buying the cups.

C. The brand of the menstrual cup

You should also consider the brand of the menstrual cup. There are different kinds of brand that you can choose from. It is best if you choose a brand that is reliable and legitimate. Be sure that you purchase a cup that was made by a popular brand. Brands that are very popular are those that can be trusted in providing quality menstrual cups. You can actually verify the reliability of the brand by browsing different review websites in the internet.

These cups also have different levels of firmness. Women should purchase a softer cup if they have a sensitive bladder. If you love playing sports or do exercises then you need to use a cup that is really firm. One of the advantage of these cups is that will be suitable for every women.

You really need to consider the factors that were mentioned above so you can purchase the best cup. There are really a lot of benefits that are provided by these cups, such as it can lessen menstrual cramps, it can regularize periods and it is also much cheaper in the long run.