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Why is it called a tramp stamp


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Why It's Time to Stop...

White-knuckled, I focus on the drawings of well-endowed school girls bursting out of their uniforms on the wall across the room. Why is it called a tramp stamp clench my teeth and see spots.

A three-inch high, one-and-a-half-inch wide angel emerges just above my backside. And 10 years after first getting inked, I simultaneously love and am embarrassed by my tat. Lower back tattoos rose in popularity throughout the s. About four in 10 of us are inked, and of those four, half have gone under the pen two to five times, according to a Pew Research study. Byeven Barbie had a tramp stamp. So how did lower back tattoos go from being hot fashion statements to what feels like a permanent hangover from another decade?

Between 15 and 50 customers file through his Queen St. They choose their ink from the flash — what artists call the sketches that cover most shop walls — plastering the waiting room.

So why did the lower back become so trendy for tattoo seekers? "Why is it called a tramp stamp"

I didn't become a whore...

That part of the body was also sexy for the era. No, not those Pabst Blue Ribbon beer-drinking, skinny jean-wearing types in the west end.

In the not-so-distant past, hipsters were lowrise flared jeans. And they provided the perfect frame for this particular tattoo.

Behind me crouched Tessa BX...

Nicholson has two armfuls of Why is it called a tramp stamp and a tramp stamp she got when she was For middle-class rebels like me, who planned on becoming young professionals and suburban moms one day, the back is also a great place to hide a tattoo, especially if you outgrow it.

Nicholson says tattoo trends have been around as long as tattoos themselves. When the art was first popularized in the Western world among higher classes, sailor Why is it called a tramp stamp, tribal symbols and Egyptian art were the tats du jour.

The lower back trend has gone the way of Doc Martens and Modrobes, but newer trends are taking its place. Rib tattoos are the new tramp stamps, says Gaudet. And lettering — whether song lyrics, a signature quote or a few words in Japanese — is the new butterfly tattoo, he says. Gaudet, whose own nautical star tattoos standards of the American traditional style have become icons of emo culture, says you just need a good sense of humour to get past the trends. I can do that. I often have to: I share my second tattoo with actor Orlando Bloom.

We both have a sun on our right hip — something my teenage cousin made me aware of several years after I had gotten mine. We want to see your tattoo. Please include your name, and number and a description of the tattoo and what inspired you to get it.

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I didn't become a whore...

My Star location Select Location. A decade after getting inked on my backside, I simultaneously love and am embarrassed by my angel tattoo.

Are women with lower-back tattoos (aka "tramp stamps") promiscuous?

Are women with lower-back tattoos...

Explore the common misconception here. I got my lower back tattoo done long before it was popular in the late 90s. We didn't call it that stupid, ridiculous, tacky name. If you're going to.

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