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Home depot jerk off


What's new New posts Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My dad caught a guy Home depot jerk off off at Lowe's. Thread starter bjork Start date Jul 22, Status Not open for further replies.

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Gay Cruising

First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Just close Home depot jerk off door man. I am cool with bathroom relief. Some time a man is got to let of some steam. UrbanRats Member Jul 22, Wait you and your dad busted the Home depot jerk off same guy, years apart? Is your family cursed to deal with weird shit? Spenny Member Jul 22, Nothing wrong with jackin' it but why do it with the door open?

Did he want to be caught? SliceSabre Banned Jul 22, You Home depot jerk off these days with your "cruising" and your "Homo Depots". Back in my day we just went into the woods and hoped people would come by for a handy. We didn't have these fancy jerk-off stores. I'm a home depot man myself.

(NSFW search results- +depot&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8)...

SecretMoblin Member Jul 22, I mean, I Home depot jerk off having the urge to rub one out, but while at Lowe's? Home repair isn't all that exciting. Timeaisis Member Jul 22, NSFW search results- https: Already Torn Banned Jul 22, I just assume everyone is masturbating whenever they're not directly in my field of view. Plywood NeoGAF's smiling token! There's a masturbation joke somewhere here.

FelixOrion Poet Centuriate Jul 22, That's not the hardwood aisle. Kibbles Member Jul 22, Anyway, he busted this guy, and years ago I busted the guy in my anime shop, so I've decided we're like the Van Helsings to public masturbators. TickleMeElbow Member Jul 22, Why do people masturbate openly in public lol? You can get in big trouble for that. When I was in college this dude was caught masturbating at the back of the campus bus. I was sitting there one morning minding my own business, when I hear some murmuring behind me.

A girl walks up to the front of the bus and starts whispering to the bus driver. I turn around and see this makeshift "shelter", where this guy had Home depot jerk off a jacket over himself and the Home depot jerk off infront of him. The bus stops at the next stop, and the driver says something on the Home depot jerk off. We're just sitting there for awhile, and at this point I'm confused like "the fuck?

This whole time the dude is still in his shelter oblivious. A couple minutes later the campus police show up, board the bus, and tap the shelter.

The dude emerges from his shelter with headphones on, and has this "OH SHIT" look when he sees the police standing there lol. Dude looked like a student too, not some random homeless person.

The police escort him off the bus, and everyone at the back starts cracking up. I'm like "what happened? I still wonder what happened to that kid Sanjuro Member Jul 22, RyanW Member Jul 22, Mammoth Jones Member Jul 22, Caught a homeless dude masturbating in the Penn Station customer waiting area.

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Was with my wife and was really angry. Then I look over 20 feet and see dude with his sweatpants down just going to town. Thankfully the cops were just around the corner and I just went and got them.

FStop7 Banned Jul 22, Whoah whoah whoah, back it up So the guy was in a stall perfectly finewatching porn perfectly fineholding the stall door open with his foot not perfectly fine???

Why didn't he shut the door. Did he also have volume on or did he have the decency to wear headphones at least? Jerking it at the hardware store is "perfectly fine" as long as you remember to close the door? Catdaddy Member Home depot jerk off 22, Lowes is the place to get some Home depot jerk off wood.

Joyful Member Jul 22, Phobophile A scientist and gentleman in the manner of Batman. Lulubop Member Jul 22, Phone sex is hard without a cell. ViciousDS Banned Jul 22, Because he's cruising for dudes. SirUltimos Member Jul 22, This seems Home depot jerk off riskier. Brianimaniac Banned Jul 22, You should always rub one out before making important decisions, so I'm sure this guy was just clearing his head before deciding on which color paint to buy for his kitchen renovation.

Dalek Member Jul 22, He should've done it in the privacy of his own home Spoiler Depot.

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Caderfix Member Jul 22, Anyway, he busted this guy, and years ago I busted the guy in my anime shop. PepsimanVsJoe Member Jul 22, Home depot jerk off when I worked at Target 15 or so years agoI caught someone Home depot jerk off a porno mag in the food court.

They weren't even trying to be low-profile, by hiding the magazine in another book or something. Later that day I saw him do an awkward run from the restroom and then out the Home depot jerk off door. So I didn't catch him in the act Jarlaxle Member Jul 22, Anyway, he busted this guyand years ago I busted the guy in my anime shop, so I've Home depot jerk off we're like the Van Helsings to public masturbators.

StayDead Member Jul 22, Maybe the phone was to document the feat to the bad guys. Visualante2 Member Jul 22, How would a kid see anything? Holding the door open? Jakoo Member Jul 22, SwiftDeath Member Jul 22, TheSpoiler Member Jul 22, I like how your dad bumped chests with a dude who's cock was still hard and got into a shoving match. What a scene that must have been! E92 M3 Member Jul 22, Mercury Fred Banned Jul 22, Why did I read this as "My dad got caught jacking off a guy at Lowe's".

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There are no private bathrooms in The Home Depot. Only public I once walked in on a dude jerking off in the handicap stall at 9 am. Walking. Guy masturbating in a stall at Home Depot.

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