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My wife sister and me nude

XXX Photo My wife sister and me nude.

Ask Your Question today. Last year, my sister-in-law came to visit us in Florida. On the first night of her visit, my wife decided to go swimming in our pool.

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When she walked out, she was completely nude which of course is normal. Ten minutes later, my sister-in-law went in and when she came out, she too was completely naked walking right in front of me. I have to be honest, I was scarily excited and at the same time felt like I was stealing something.

She is married and her husband did not come with her. Ten minutes later I decided to go in and come out naked as well. My sister-in-law stared at me the whole time I walked out and into the pool. It was a ton of fun. The rest of the week, my wife and her sister would go running in the morning and after returning, take off the clothes, throw them into the washer and then walk naked in front of me to the shower.

Since that time, my sister-in-law has always wanted to see me naked as well. There has been no sex although I am sure the thought crossed her mind and possibly my mind. I was 19 and in the army and I was dating this My wife sister and me nude who was 17 at the time.

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Neither she nor her sister nor their mother cared if I saw them in their underwear and eventually naked. They would look for opportunities to do it.

I was invited for "private" pool parties in the pond on their property with the three of them that started out with us all in our underwear but usually ended up with the underwear thrown up on the bank. It never went beyond that, but years later when I ran into her, she confessed that My wife sister and me nude could have, at least with her and her sister, if I had pushed for it. My sis-in-law wife's younger sis probably first saw me naked after about three years of our marriage.

Once I had to stay in-laws house in other city while I was having some company's assignment.

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My in-laws wanted me to stay with them. Next morning I was ready to have shower when my sil knocked at the door. She was carrying cup of tea, my habit to take in morning.

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At that time I had just a towel around waist. She kept it on side table and stayed there asking if tea was hot enough. I was bit embarrassed so thanked her, thinking she would leave.

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NO, she was there. She pretended not to have seen it but I knew she had seen because redness on her face was visible.

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However later she left and I entered bathroom. She again knocked bathroom door.

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I opened it slightly as I was totally nude. She had a bigger towel. I took it but couldn't hide my nudity.

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Blushing, she went out. I stayed there for three days and found that she didn't miss any opportunity to see me nude or semi-nude. That is so cool! My sister-in-law sometimes asks me to be naked in front of her sister.

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I believe her sister is jealous but fears her older sister so we are naked quite a bit. My sister-in-law also will help my wife make dinner after taking a run together in the morning. My sister-in-law will be standing in the kitchen totally nude while cutting strawberries.

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I know she knows that this excites me to no end! We are lucky enough to be secluded and my wife, her sister and I are always naked around the pool.

I am turned on by watching my sister in law, and she likes looking at me. A few times she has asked my wife to get me to erect so that she can see some hard cock.

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Girls notice sexy guys, and we have thoughts and feelings about them too. I have a cousin that has a hot husband, and after they started dating, he and I flirted like crazy. He would tease me, and I had such a hard My wife sister and me nude not to drop to my knees and suck him off. It was a missed opportunity If it wasn't for them living on the other side of the country, I would have fucked him by now.

Next time she gets naked or dressed provocativelywait until you get hard, and then when you are standing next to her, say something like, "I'm tired of you teasing me; it makes me horny - as you can see" look to your boner Either way, at least you'll know. I know how it is to have a fantasy that you want SO badly it is almost all you think about.

IF you think it is a possibility, then just go for it.

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Flirt, talk, send signals, smile, laugh, touch, and have fun. Tempt her, hint to her physically and verbally that you have thoughts and feelings toward her that go beyond in-law friendship - that you love and lust her so much that you want to experience love making. You'll need to be subtle at first, but the more she shows a mutual interest, the bolder you can be - and eventually make the fantasy a reality.

My wife sister and me nude may possible to have a 3 some with your wife and her sister If the wife and SIL 3some doesn't happen, then perhaps her sister and another girl, or your wife and another girl that looks like her sister.

I hope your fantasy comes true someday.

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Heck, if nothing happens, its a great fantasy to masturbate to. I have never been so excited in my life! To see my SIL nude was a shock and I had the biggest hard on of my life by a mile.

She was smiling ear to ear to see me naked. It was awesome and I have fantasized having sex just over times, that's all!! Is it normal that my sister-in-law loves to see me My wife sister and me nude and vice versa?

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