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Benefits of Fingerprinting Technology.

This is the use of automated identification based on a unique feature such as the fingerprint. Every single human being has a different kind of fingerprint formation on every finger and different from everyone else. Fingerprinting began thousands of years ago in Asia Over thirty years ago, criminals were arrested as their fingerprints could easily be identified by the police officers. Beginning 1970, fingerprints were used to control access to buildings.

In the current times, due to the need for high-security measures, the biometric fingerprint has become a common measure of safety. Biometric systems work by identifying the small valleys on an individual’s fingers. The reliability and accuracy of a fingerprint is present since they cannot be lost or stolen. Large companies greatly benefit from fingerprinting not to forget the government also. It can benefit them in different areas such as healthcare services, government, manufacturing industries, and universities. Employees in offices can easily be monitored faster and more efficiently. Their attendance can be tracked using fingerprinting in organizations, prevention of theft and calculation of the number of hours an employee is in the office. The biometric industry is worth billions of dollars and it is still growing at a very fast rate. The benefits of fingerprinting will be pointed out below.

The government makes use of fingerprinting technology in both small and large-scale projects. You cannot compare the use of fingerprint technology to use of manual cards at all. Citizens are being provided with ePassports by the government to monitor who enters and who leaves the country. This has smoothened the work of border operation managers where they do not have to go through a number of documents to verify an individual. Fingerprinting facilitates smoother travels and provides a secure environment around the airport. There is, therefore, no need to carry many documents while traveling as the biometric system replaces all those documents. Fingerprinting provides necessary information on voter registration in every country.

Organizations make use of the biometric system experience full productivity from their employees as their office hours are monitored. These helps the organization come up with a better payroll record as employees are paid according to the hours shown on the biometric system. A trail for an audit that is created by the biometric system allows the employees to get to the offices when they are required to and work accordingly. Resources that are replaces by the fingerprint system can be put to better use.

Another major industry that benefits from biometric fingerprinting is the banking sector. Customers can rest assured that their information in the banks is safe. Transactions involving large amounts of cash can be transacted both within and without the bank without any worries.

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