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How to Generate More Leads in Five Ways

Even with an established audience, the number of leads you get may still not be enough. Lead generation isn’t as complicated as you think, but of course, you have to know what techniques to use.

Here are five of the most proven lead generation methods used by those who’ve seen success:

Email Signature

You probably send out a lot of emails everyday. Did you know that this communication can be one more venue where you can promote your business? Even if your recipients already know about it, they may have never really looked at it. Add a link to your email signature and spread it around. It’s an unobtrusive way of selling your product or service; if you already have a relationship with your recipient, then there is a better chance that they will actually click on the link.

Consistent Blogging

Most of us know that blogging is a big help to lead generation. But during times when we get so busy, we can forget why we’re blogging in the first place – to have a consistent web presence. When we don’t see any results soo, we do tend to be tempted to stop. Consistency is key. As soon as you’ve built a decent following, go ahead and start adding call to actions.

About Page Optimization

One of the best things you can do to generate leads is simply to optimize your About page. People go to this page when they want to learn more about you or your products or services. This is also a great place for people to take a glimpse of your personality and for you to show them that you’re real and passionate in what you do. A call to action here is a smart idea.

The Squint Test

So you’ve done everything you could but your leads are still not maximized. That may mean your site hasn’t reached its full potential. One of the easiest ways to know if your web pages are effective is doing the squint test. As you look at your website, squint. What was the first element of your design that got your attention? If it’s something other than your call to action, then you need to do some work.

Social Media Activity

Finally, if you’re really interested in increasing your leads, begin by knowing where they can be found. There are plenty of places, but it’s undeniable that social media is number one. Yes, you have to make your own business page, fill it with interesting content, promote it and wait for your leads. “Wait” doesn’t actually mean you just sit there. You should also actively seek out prospects by going through their pages, feeds or profiles. When you know more about them, you can produce more content that will capture their interest.

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