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How do you make a guy


There's that one guy who you're always staring at, the one you seem to fall in love with every day and he somehow never notices! It's frustrating to be crazy for someone who has never seen you as more than just a passerby in the halls. If you want that special guy to notice you, this wikiHow will show you what to do!

It's How do you make a guy if you think you look good!

For that reason, Cosmo has...

You do look good and you should feel happy and comfortable in your body. Still, constantly checking your reflection actually indicates something else. While it may seem counterintuitive, if you're always checking your reflection in windows and mirrors, you can come off as pretty insecure.

Focus on channeling your self confidence and knowing that you look great! If you do need to freshen up, head to the bathroom to do so. Read on for another quiz question. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly primping and preening, so that's a good reason to skip it. Still, if a guy catches you always looking in the mirror, he's going to think something else.

You don't want to How do you make a guy the guy the impression that you're bored, so put your phone away and focus on him or the conversation. Still, checking yourself out in the mirror doesn't indicate boredom. Click on another answer to find the right one How can you use your body to indicate that you are confident and ready to talk to How do you make a guy guy? Crossing your arms indicates that you are closed off, rather than welcoming and open. There are other ways to indicate you are confident and want to share conversation.

Fidgeting with your clothing or jewelry How do you make a guy indicates that you are feeling nervous or worried. Try to keep your hands still to show confidence. Holding your head high while keeping your arms and shoulders open indicates that you are confident and feeling receptive toward company. You'll also want to keep your hands still to show that you're not nervous or worried.

Body language is very important and can often hugely impact someone's first impression. It's important to know what kind of body language is closed off and defensive and what kind is confident and receptive so you can portray the right emotions. If you've liked a guy for a while, you might be inclined to admit so. Beforehand, do a quick scan of the situation and try to determine what he might say.

You might be safer simply asking him out than telling him you have strong feelings for him. Unless you are new in town and do want a tour, you'll probably want to avoid this technique. If you want something long term with a guy, he'll eventually find out you weren't telling the truth, which you don't want. If you know your shared favorite band is coming to town or a new restaurant with food you both enjoy is opening, use it as a way in. This will take some of How do you make a guy pressure off the asking out process, while also showing you've been listening to what he likes.

Just make sure he knows it's a date! A guy is much more likely to notice a girl who loves who she is and who's proud of herself and the way she carries herself.

You can make someone fall...

If you look like you're already happy with yourself and your life, then the guy will want to be a very large part of it. If you seem desperate to find a guy to make you feel whole, you'll be much less likely to attract any man that comes your way. Learn to love being yourself. Not meeting someone else's standards of beauty, or of how a woman should act.

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Love whatever you do, whether it's talking to friends or being in class. A guy will be able to tell if you're content with living your life and will want to join in. How do you make a guy you may feel like it's impossible to really love the way you look, it's easier than you think.

Use these tips to make...

Find three aspects of your looks that you truly adore and focus on emphasizing those when you get dressed.

If you're unhappy with your figure, you can exercise to build muscle and burn fat; this will also make you feel more energetic and positive.

Do whatever you have to do to truly love the way you look, and any man will be sure to follow. You don't need to get a wardrobe makeover to feel good about how you look in your clothes — just wearing a few key items that you love can make you look and feel good no matter what happens.

You don't need to wear three or four layers of makeup, either. Just wear whatever makes you feel pretty while staying comfortable, but try to make it natural if that's what you're looking for. Keeping up good dental and bodily hygiene by showering daily, washing your hair as often as you need to, and brushing and flossing will also make you feel good about your fresh looks.

Don't try to look like everyone else. Don't keep checking your reflection in a mirror or window whenever How do you make a guy out. This will make guys think that you're very insecure about your looks. So, save the scrutiny for the ladies' room. Have fun wherever you go to have a good time. A guy will be much more likely to notice you if you just look like you're having a blast. Though it may be hard to look like you're ballin' if you're taking a math test or sitting in a waiting room at the dentist's, you should always stay positive.

Smile whenever and wherever you can, and laugh often. If a guy sees you out with girlfriends, you'll look much more appealing if you're laughing, giggling, and just looking like you're having an awesome How do you make a guy. Don't spend all of your time looking around the room for someone better to talk to or checking your phone — if you look like you don't want to be there, a guy will take the hint, and leave you alone if you obviously look like you don't want to talk.

Never look desperate for attention. It's great to catch the guy's eye from time to time and to go back to laughing with your friends. It's not-so-great to stare at the guy, smile too eagerly, and step away from your friends as you wait for him to approach you. Don't apply your makeup in public, fidget with your outfit, or keep walking past the guy times hoping he'll just walk over to you. This will certainly make him notice you — but How do you make a guy in the boyfriend type of way.

If he doesn't notice you right away, don't force it by awkwardly tapping him or winking at him. This will only push him away. Part 1 Quiz Checking your reflection often while you're out may tell a guy: You're feeling super confident. You have a large ego. Walk by him once. Walking by the guy will help get his attention.

Just walk by with a purpose, your head held high and your posture straight. Don't linger or walk like you don't know where you're going, but don't march right past him, either. Just walk slowly enough for him to notice you, to check out your cute outfit, and to see that he wants to know you better. If you're walking towards a friend with a big smile on your face, that will get your guy's attention even more.

If you want the guy to notice you, then you should hold his gaze for just the right How do you make a guy of time. Don't longingly stare into his eyes for hours — just keep eye contact for a few seconds to show him you're interested.

Don't look too eager, but let him see that you'd be open to talking if he approached you. You can even give the guy a little smile "How do you make a guy" show that you want to see where this goes.

When he does approach you, give him a coy but distinct smile to let him know that you want to start talking to him. Make a good first impression. You only get one first impression, so you should make it count. Once the guy notices you and comes over to you, you should be friendly without coming on too strong, and approachable and just easy to be around.

Put him at ease by making a small joke or poking fun at yourself, and avoid any negative or controversial topics to show him that you're fun to talk to. Just smile and keep things light. You can talk about the deep stuff later. Don't complain right off the bat. Guys want to hang out with girls who like to have a good time instead of nagging or being negative. If you're negative right away, that says something about what it would be to hang out with you all the time.

Have approachable body language. Your body should say that you're confident and ready to talk to the guy. Keep your head raised and don't slouch or cross your arms over your chest.

Avoid fidgeting with your jewelry or clothes or you'll look too nervous. Instead, lean in to hear the guy talk, and even give him a light touch on the arm or knee if things are going well.

Don't lose his attention. Keep looking into his eyes and avoid searching the room, making eye contact with your friends, or checking your phone every five minutes. This will make the guy think that you have better things to do than to talk to him. Once you're more comfortable, you can start flirting with the guy. Tease him a little bit, and let him tease you back — show that you're comfortable enough with yourself to let him poke fun at you. You can play with your hair a bit or even lick your lips to draw even more of his attention to you.

Flirting is all about keeping things light and having fun — you don't have to tell him you think How do you make a guy hot or starts standing way too close to him to send him the message.

How to Get a Guy...

How to Make a Guy That Used to Like You Like You Again. Once you break up with someone or they lose interest in you, it might feel like all hope for the. How to Get a How do you make a guy to Notice You.

There's that one guy who you're always staring at, the one you seem to fall in love with every day and he somehow never. You can make someone fall in love with you but you can create very strong intense attraction which gets a man to take action I mean IF he is attracted.

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